Here's How the Classic Link's Awakening Opening Was Reimagined for the Switch Remake

Here's How the Classic Link's Awakening Opening Was Reimagined for the Switch Remake

Exactly the same, but different too.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake for Switch is coming our way at summer's end. You can already look at the revised intro sequence. Fair warning: It's adorable beyond words.

GameXPlain posted the video on its YouTube channel. It's interesting to observe how the new introduction looks so different from the original on the Game Boy, yet still shares many similarities to it source. For example, the trailer kicks off with an animated clip of Link fighting a ferocious storm (spoiler: he loses) before it switches to the very cute toylike style used for the rest of Link's Awakening.

You might understandably say "Wow, that's jarring!" when you watch the video shift from one style to the other, but the new introduction is simply imitating the same intro from 1993. In the original Link's Awakening, an anime-style cutscene likewise shows Link battling the elements before lightning sinks his ship and leaves him marooned on Koholint Island. After that, the art style likewise segues into the cuter, simpler style utilized for the rest of the adventure. True, the Game Boy's "anime scene" isn't nearly as animated as the same scene on the Switch, nor do the Game Boy's sprites resemble the Switch's character models, even if the latter embraces the former's charming simplicity. Nevertheless, the spirit driving the shift between the art styles is obvious.

Otherwise, the introductions on the Game Boy and the Switch play out scene-for-scene. Marin stumbles across Link's body washed up on the beach and pokes at it while the camera pans up to the mysterious egg that roosts on Koholint Island's highest peak.

Link's Awakening on the Switch is almost identical to the Game Boy adventure, so it's not surprising to see the new intro more or less follow in the footsteps of the old one. Nevertheless, the much-improved graphics used in the Switch game make it fun to pick out scene-for-scene parallels we see in the transition from the anime cutscene to the in-game models.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is coming to the Switch on September 20.

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