Here's How to Get the Best Performance From Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4 Pro

There's a trick to getting Kingdom Hearts 3 running smoothly.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out, and unlike the first two mainline console games, Kingdom Hearts 3 is multi-platform for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But which console runs Kingdom Hearts 3 the best? The answer is somewhat expected, albeit in a roundabout kind of way.

Our colleagues at Digital Foundry did as they do, and put Kingdom Hearts 3 through its paces to see which console runs Square Enix's Disney hybrid the best. The answer it turns out is the PS4 Pro, but it requires some tinkering on your end to get the desired results.

In Digital Foundry's video on Kingdom Hearts 3, the breakdown is as follows. Xbox One X delivers the best resolution at a locked 2560x1440, while PS4 Pro follows with a 2304x1296 resolution (about 81 percent of the X's output). The base PS4 drops down quite a bit at 1600x900, and the Xbox One S comes in last at 720p.

Kingdom Hearts 3 runs on Unreal Engine 4 after switching from Square Enix's proprietary Luminous Engine, and it looks great. If you have the chance to play Kingdom Hearts 3 at its best resolution, go for it.

But Kingdom Hearts 3 also runs best when the performance is smooth, and this is where things get a little tricky. Kingdom Hearts 3 features two frame rate modes, default and stable. Default is unlocked, while stable will lock in the frame rate at 30fps. But according to reports, stable isn't actually very stable.

Digital Foundry recommends then to play in default, where on the base machines Kingdom Hearts 3 will run anywhere from 30 to 60fps. It turns out one machine does run Kingdom Hearts 3 at a consistent 60fps though, and that's the PS4 Pro—but only after players set it so that the Pro outputs 1080p resolution rather than its native 1296. This can be selected in the options menu for the PS4 Pro, and doing so keeps Kingdom Hearts 3 near-locked at 60fps. Far more stable than on the Xbox One X which can dip down to 53fps.

So, if you want the best performance from Kingdom Hearts 3, you'll probably want to play it on the PS4 Pro, but you'll also have to tweak a few settings to get the optimal performance. It's not ideal, but sometimes we must put in the work ourselves for the outcomes we want.

Check out our full Kingdom Hearts 3 coverage, including our Kingdom Hearts 3 review, interview with Haley Joel Osment, and complete Kingdom Hearts 3 guide.

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