Here's How to Transfer Your Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Save File from 3DS to Nintendo Switch

Here's How to Transfer Your Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Save File from 3DS to Nintendo Switch

Import that Palico.

With Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate now having released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch, you might want to transfer your save file over from the 3DS version of the game. If you do, then you're in luck, for noted Monster Hunter YouTuber Arekkz has put together a handy guide on how to do just that.

Just below, you can see Arekkz Gaming's guide on how to transfer your save file from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on 3DS, to the Nintendo Switch. Especially handy if you've already put in a few few hours into the game when it first released on the 3DS.

Firstly, you're going to need to download the 'Transfer' app on your Nintendo 3DS. You can find this listed under the 'Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate' listing on the 3DS eShop, and then scroll across to the 'MH Gen U Save Data Transfer App', and begin the download.

Boot up Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on both your 3DS and your Nintendo Switch. Now on the Nintendo Switch version, go to the main menu and wait. Now on the 3DS, select the 'Link Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch' option, and then select 'Show Transfer Password'.

Now take a note of the transfer password on your 3DS' screen. Scroll down to the 'Data Transfer' option on the main menu of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch, and select the 'Link Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch' option. Now enter tha transfer password that you got from the 3DS.

Return to the previous menu on the 3DS version of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and select 'Save Data Transfer'. You'll now be shown a list of everything you're about to transfer over to the Nintendo Switch, but don't worry if your Hunter Rank is shown lower than it ought to be, as this will reset once you're up and playing on the Switch.

On the Nintendo Switch, you can now select 'Receive Data Transfer' once the 3DS has finished uploading the data. When you return to the main menu of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch, you're now ready to roll with your established save data from the 3DS. Happy hunting!

If you're unsure about picking up the port of the game for the Nintendo Switch, why not head over to our Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate review, which is live right now on the day of launch.

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