Here's Six Seconds of Anthem Before E3 2018 [Update: We Also Have a New Poster]

They can't show you the whole thing yet.

Update: We also got a new poster.

The new Anthem poster.

Are you excited for Anthem? BioWare is promising something different with its upcoming action RPG, and there's a new six second teaser to just leave you completely unfulfilled before E3.

There's not much I can tell you about this new clip. It's six seconds long and reveals pretty much nothing other than some mysterious structure the Anthem heroes walk towards. That's about it, and at this point there's so much we don't know about Anthem that it could literally mean anything. Instead BioWare is promising a full trailer at E3.

Anthem is BioWare's upcoming action RPG with live service elements similar to Bungie's Destiny. But don't worry, even though BioWare calls it a departure from previous games of the studio's, they promise it will have the same narrative and world-building hallmarks the company has come to be known for.

EA and BioWare expect to support the game heavily post-launch as part of the games as service model. Even though Anthem was delayed back to 2019 BioWare is keeping fans updated with regular blogs that even drop hints about a new Dragon Age game as well.

For more on Anthem check out our complete Anthem What We Know guide. We expect to see more about the game at E3 2018 which we have a full schedule of for you here. USgamer will be attending as well so please check in with us as we deliver moment-by-moment coverage from the show floor.

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