Here's the Most Popular Spot to Land in PUBG Mobile

Here's the Most Popular Spot to Land in PUBG Mobile

Most PUBG Mobile players prefer landing in the one spot that simultaneously makes the most and least sense.

PUBG Mobile recently passed the 10 million DAU (daily active users) milestone, and the game's publisher, Tencent, distributed an infographic via email to celebrate the achievement. Where do most players land when they jump from the plane in that vital opening minute? How long do players generally survive before a sniper relieves them of their worldly burdens? Tencent has some answers for us.

First and foremost, PUBG Mobile players are an active bunch—in the game, at least. They've run a collective 6,662,425,871 kilometers, which is equivalent to running around the planet 166,000 times. That's a lot of exercise. Too bad it won't mean anything when you're bleeding out on the cold, cold ground.

Print this page out and put it in your science project. Even if it's irrelevant, infographics look important and educational.

Additional factoids: Pochinki, which is in the middle of the map, is the most popular landing spot in PUBG Mobile. You think it'd be smarter to veer away from the middle of the action, but some people have the survival instinct of a wet noodle. The average kill distance is a mere 39 meters, and the average time people survive in a match is 14.2 minutes. "That's probably shorter than your commute to work or school," the infographic exclaims. This factoid was not written with a North American audience in mind, as 14 minutes won't even take most rural dwellers down to the end of their driveway.

The Miramar map arrived on PUBG Mobile earlier this week, so hopefully Tencent's already cooking up another batch of statistics involving PUBG's desert map. Visit our PUBG Mobile guide to learn all the ins, outs, and tricks to playing PUBG with a touch screen.

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