Here's the Street Fighter and Transformers Crossover You Didn't Know You Wanted

Here's the Street Fighter and Transformers Crossover You Didn't Know You Wanted

Capcom is partnering with a toymaker to make some Street Fighter Transformers action figures.

If you ever thought to yourself that the crossover Capcom's Street Fighter really needed was with Transformers, well today's your lucky day. Capcom has announced a partnership with toy company Takara Tomy to create a line of Street Fighter 2 x Transformers toys featuring characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, and M. Bison. The four figures are set to launch in Japan in May 2018.

Each figure works like you'd expect a Transformers toy to work, except instead of a car transforming into a robot, it an Autobot or Decepticon, it transforms into a Street Fighter instead.

Ryu transforms into the Transformer Convoy (Optimus Prime in the west), and can transform into either a semi truck or a jet. M. Bison therefor is Megatron who can triple-change into either a tank or a jet. Both of those figures are sold as a set for 12,960 yen (~$116 USD)

Ken meanwhile can transform into a sporty red Hot Rod, complete with spoilers; while Chun-li can transform into Arcee or "Chun-Cee." The Chun-Cee is a repaint of the 2014 Arcee figure from the 30th anniversary line. Those two figures are sold as a set for 8,640 yen (~$77 USD).

In addition, Ryu, Ken, and M. Bison Transformers figures are also Headmasters, so their heads can pop out to become tiny miniature figures that can pilot their own automotive transformations.

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