Here's When Jill Valentine Will Be Playable in Resident Evil Resistance

Here's When Jill Valentine Will Be Playable in Resident Evil Resistance

We're a week away from Jill meeting Martin Sandwich, oh boy!

Once players are done with the Resident Evil 3 remake's campaign, they may eye Resident Evil Resistance—the included asymmetrical multiplayer mode—with skepticism. With a cast made up of entirely new, non-canonical Raccoon City survivors, why should a series fan check it out? With the addition of Jill Valentine as a playable survivor next week, folks will have more reason to try Resistance and join the legion of players who've fallen for it already.

Jill's going to be the first addition to Resistance's roster, which looks like it may continue to grow over the coming months. She'll be unlocked on April 17, and according to a new content roadmap released by Capcom, a mysterious figure will be added to Resistance in May (perhaps another survivor, or maybe a new playable Mastermind villain).

First Jill, then a figure in silhouette—after that, who knows? | Capcom

The "under construction" markers for June could mean Capcom's not quite ready to show what's coming to Resistance after its second new character, or it could be a hint that the third update will actually bring a new locale to the mode.

A steady stream of new characters and maps should help keep players satisfied with Resistance even as the awe of the Resident Evil 3 remake campaign recedes. USG Staff Writer Hirun Cryer has already found lots to love in Resistance's hectic, messy co-op take on Resident Evil action: "Putting the two into one package makes so much sense in hindsight, because Resident Evil 3 and Resistance are a perfect tonal match for each other," he writes.

Obviously, the big question for April 17 is whether Jill will get any special voice lines in Resistance when paired with Martin Sandwich, the whizkid survivor named for the old "Jill sandwich" line from the original Resident Evil. It was a blow to lore fiends everywhere to learn that Resistance isn't an official part of the Resident Evil series timeline, but now it seems we may get to see Jill and Martin interact after all.

Resident Evil Resistance is included with Resident Evil 3 on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you're still working your way through the remake's single-player before moving on to Resistance, head over to our Resident Evil 3 guides hub if you get stuck on anything.

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