The Iron Banner Returns in Destiny 2, Here's When

The Iron Banner Returns in Destiny 2, Here's When

Lord Saladin demands your service.

Ready yourselves, the Iron Banner is set to debut in Destiny 2 next.

In a new blog post from Bungie today, the studio outlined what's new with the Iron Banner challenges in Destiny 2. Two teams of four will compete with one another in Control matches in specific Iron Banner multiplayer playlists. The event will begin on October 10 at 2 AM PT/5 AM ET and last until October 17 at the same time.

The Iron Banner in Destiny 1

One of the biggest changes to the Iron Banner in Destiny 2 is the fact that power levels will not affect the strength of your weapon. In the first Destiny, the Iron Banner was one of the rare multiplayer modes that gave players a bonus depending on their light level. Apparently Destiny 2 does away with this, which should level the playing field for players who haven't yet gotten a chance to get one of the higher powered weapons and armors in the game.

Likewise, the bounties and ranks system has been replaced with the Iron Banner Engram, which is the same system that Destiny 2 adopted for its various quests. Instead of cashing in bounties and leveling up ranks, players instead collect tokens for successfully completing objectives which they can then turn in for special engrams.

Players can access the Iron Banner next week after first completing the main Destiny 2 story campaign, and completing the Iron Banner Quest from Lord Saladin in the Tower.

Bungie also showed off the types of armor you can get from the Iron Banner, and they're pretty great. It looks like the Iron Banner traded some of the medieval Europe influences in their armor from the first Destiny for what looks like a more Samurai-inspired armor set for Destiny 2.

For a complete guide on Destiny 2's competitive modes check our guides here, and get ready when the Iron Banner begins in Destiny 2 on October 10.

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