Here's When We're Going to be Playing Final Fantasy IV This Week

Where to find us and when to watch.

Article by Kat Bailey, .

My Let's Play of Final Fantasy IV continues apace this week with the newly Paladin-ified Cecil as we return to Baron, claim an airship, and venture even further into the world!

Since it won't be long before I'm talking about Final Fantasy IV on Retronauts, I'm speeding up the schedule a bit. This week I plan to stream on Tuesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday as I try to knock off as much of Final Fantasy IV possible. Here's the schedule.

  • Tuesday: 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • Thursday: 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • Friday (Tentative): 7pm ET/4pm PT

As before I will be streaming on Youtube, so make sure to subscribe so that you know whenever we're online (and so you can watch our latest videos, of course). Check out the most recent episodes of our Final Fantasy Let's Play above.

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #1 Roto13 A year ago
    I feel like someone should tell you that there's an Organize button on the bottom of the item menu. You've spent more time than you need to stacking arrows and potions and whatnot.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #2 riderkicker A year ago
    @Roto13 Thankfully FFV's inventory is much better than IV's.
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  • Avatar for Paine #3 Paine A year ago
    Since I'll never be around at the actual streaming times, here's hoping Kat reads the comments:

    1. Use the sort button at the bottom of the item screen to auto-stack everything. Don't forget to equip new gear when you find it.

    2. Use your magic weapons as items during combat. If someone is equipped with FireRod, you can use it from the Item screen to cast a weak Fire spell for no MP. Same with the Cure staff, weak cures for no MP. Much more efficient than having the mages try to whack people with them. You can find your equipped items during battle by going to the Item command and then scrolling off the top of the list.

    3. People in the back row take half damage, so make sure your weaker characters stay there. When you're attacked from behind your rows are switched. Either run away or use the Switch command to flip rows. The Switch command is hidden to the left of the main command menu, like how Parry is hidden to the right.
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  • Avatar for galateawoodson #4 galateawoodson A year ago
    Did you play the last Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy series games? If I do not do my math online my grades were so much lower as time was paid to games not studying.
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