Here's Why the Secret Metal Gear Solid 5 Nuclear Disarmament Scene Triggered

Here's Why the Secret Metal Gear Solid 5 Nuclear Disarmament Scene Triggered

No world peace...yet.

A couple of weeks ago, a secret Nuclear Disarmament ending scene in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain triggered on PC servers. The problem of course is that this cutscene wasn't supposed to actually trigger, not until all the game's nuclear bombs were actually disarmed. Now, Konami has released an explanation as to what happened.

In Metal Gear Solid 5, players can build nukes for their own bases, and as part of the online multiplayer, other players can invade said bases to steal or disarm their opponent's nukes. The Nuclear Disarmament ending is meant to be a special cutscene that triggers when the game's online servers acknowledges that there are no more nukes on player's Mother Bases.

According to Konami, the game's servers were "sent incorrect values, and the total nukes owned by the players was incorrectly interpreted as 0." This ended triggering the scene prematurely.

Konami has taken the servers down and implemented "a series of counter-measures" during this week's server maintenance. Konami hopes that this will prevent the scene from triggering again in the future.

While no details were given about how exactly the servers misinterpreted the amount of nukes in the game, some thoughtful commenters did accurately predict that this might have been the case. Meanwhile, some thought it was a cheeky way to promote the upcoming Megal Gear Survive.

Hopefully the next time the scene triggers, it will be because all the nukes in the Metal Gear world have truly been disarmed, and world peace achieved.

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