Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Launches Today, D.Va Joins The Roster

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Launches Today, D.Va Joins The Roster

As part of the Heroes relaunch, a familiar face is now available.

Blizzard Entertainment has put in the effort and now it's finally time to relaunch Heroes of the Storm. The company's shot at the MOBA genre didn't really stand out in a field that included League of Legends and DOTA 2 when it previously launched. In response, Blizzard has gone back to the drawing board and doubled down on where Heroes is unique. Way more Blizzard heroes, a new progression system, and more maps with with objectives based around team play.

Today's relaunch comes with a brand-new cinematic trailer for the game, featuring Genji battling it out with Diablo on the new map, Hanamura. At the end, Genji is joined by another Overwatch veteran, D.Va. As a fairly popular Overwatch character worldwide, she's a solid character choice for the relaunched Heroes of the Storm.

As a way to get players into Heroes of the Storm for the first time or entice players to return, Blizzard is kicking off another Nexus Challenge. The previous version had players earning Genji's Oni skin in Overwatch by playing Heroes of the Storm with a friend. This time around, it's a four-week event. Each week, players are charged with playing 5 matches in Heroes of the Storm with a friend in Versus AI, Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked Modes.

The rewards different across all four weeks, but Overwatch fans can earn a second chance at the Oni Genji skin or the new Police D.Va skin in Overwatch; the Orochi Hovercycle, Busan Police Hovercycle, or Overwatch Nexagon mounts in Heroes; sprays and banners in both games; or 10 loot boxes in both titles.

Blizzard is hoping that now is the time for players to get into Heroes of the Storm and it's sweetening the pot with a hefty dose of Overwatch. Will that be enough?

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