Diablo's Deckard Cain Joins Heroes of the Storm, Full List of Skills and Talents Revealed

Diablo's Deckard Cain Joins Heroes of the Storm, Full List of Skills and Talents Revealed

The Last Horadrim joins Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.

Deckard Cain, The Last Horadrim joins the Nexus as Heroes of the Storm's newest character. He was announced at a Heroes of the Storm panel at Pax East today, along with a new trailer and some first details.

Deckard Cain joins Heroes of the Storm will be coming soon to the Heroes of the Storm PTR. Cain joins the Blizzard Moba from the Diablo series where he helps adventurers on their quest in a variety of ways. That helping hand of his is reflected in his full list of skills and talents which we have for you today.

In Heroes of the Storm, Deckard Cain's dedicated pursuit to knowledge and role as advisor, storyteller, and friend helps power his moveset. His Trait "Fortitude of the Faithful" gives him 10 Armour and 50 percent faster Basic Abilities recharge if another allied Hero is nearby.

His basic abilities include:

  • Healing Potion that can be thrown to heal allies. Cost: 20, Cooldown: 3
  • Horadic Cube which deals 80 damage to all enemies in the area and slows them by 40 percent for 1.75 seconds. Cost: 40, Cooldown: 14
  • Scroll of Sealing which unfurls an enchanged scrolls that forms a triangle that can deal 150 damage to enemies within it. It also Roots them for 1.5 seconds. Cost: 40, Cooldown: 16.

And Deckard Cain's Heroic Abilities include:

  • Stay Awhile and Listen which after a second can be channeled for three seconds during which enemy Heroes in front of Deckard go to sleep and for two seconds afterwards. Taking damage will end enemy's sleep instantly. Cost: 60, Cooldown: 60.
  • Lorenado which creates a swirling Lorenado that travels to a targeted direction, knocking enemies that it hits. Cost: 40, Cooldown 30.

Blizzard also revealed Deckard's full list of talents which you can find on the character's official Heroes of the Storm page. His Hero Level 1 tier Talents boost his basic skillsets like Scroll of Sealing, but later level Talents will also increase the effectiveness of his potions, or lowers his cooldown. Especially in his level 20 skill Bottomless Flask which recharges his Healing Potions after 5 seconds.

No word yet on exactly when Deckard will be available in Heroes of the Storm's PTR other than soon. But without having played the new Hero it sounds like the arena is getting a capable new support character eager to help out his fellow adventurers. We've written before about how after two years, Heroes of the Storm finally came into its own. And no doubt characters like Deckard will continue to bolster our confidence in the MOBA.

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