Hey, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Is Missing Some Important Stuff

Capcom: We Still Refuse to Switch it On™.

Opinion by Nadia Oxford, .

I'd like to stand up and offer a deep bow of gratitude to Capcom. Late last month, as soon as I complained about how the company clearly doesn't know what to do with the Nintendo Switch, we got word that Monster Hunter XX is coming to the system. I looked like a right jack-ass. But the fact Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is skipping the Switch makes it clear Capcom still has no idea how to take advantage of it. Hooray for saving face!

You still can't play it on the can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whew. So. Here's what we know about Mega Man Legacy Collection 2: As the logical follow-up to Mega Man Legacy Collection, it contains some of the games Digital Eclipse passed on the first time around (though Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is being handled by Capcom Japan and not Digital Eclipse this time): Mega Man 7 (SNES), Mega Man 8 (PlayStation / Saturn), Mega Man 9 (Wii, PS3, Xbox One), and Mega Man 10 (Wii, PS3, Xbox One). There's a "Museum" packed with concept art and other cool tidbits, a "Challenge Mode" for anyone desiring a hardcore experience, and an "Extra Armor" that reduces damage intake and offers more merciful checkpoints.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 drops on August 8, and it's priced at $19.99 USD. It's coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Hey, kids! Can you spot, like, fifty million things wrong with this news?

I'll help you out by narrowing down four noteworthy problems:

"What? No Rockman & Forte / Mega Man & Bass?"

In 1998, Capcom made and published Rockman & Forte for the Super Famicom. This 2D team-up between Rockman / Mega Man and his rival, Forte / Bass was understandably never localized for the Super Nintendo, as the poor machine had long been exiled from most living rooms to make way for the PlayStation and N64.

There is a distinct lack of Mega Man and Bass buddy cop action in the new Legacy Collection.

We did eventually see a port of Rockman & Forte, localized as Mega Man & Bass, on the Game Boy Advance. It's a decent romp, but the Game Boy Advance's small resolution makes an already-difficult game supremely frustrating at times.

The menu for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is noticeably bereft of Mega Man & Bass. While the inclusion of the Game Boy Advance port wouldn't go amiss, it'd be really nice to get a localized version of the Super Famicom game.

"NO NINTENDO SWITCH SUPPORT oh my God Capcom, I swear–"

[Dabs forehead] Oh good, I don't look like a total jackass: Despite the news about Monster Hunter XX for the Switch, Capcom seems determined to turn its butt towards the console / handheld hybrid more often than not.

"We're giving you Monster Hunter XX on the Switch, God, leave us alone."

This is more or less a repeat of what happened with the Disney Afternoon Collection, which still shows no sign of coming to the Switch. When we learned about the Collection's absence on the Switch, Digital Eclipse's "Head of Restoration," Frank Cifaldi, told us Capcom makes the call on which systems are blessed with these retro collections. "We're not involved in the decision-making process for specific SKUs," he said, "but for what it's worth, we think the Switch is great, and would be a good fit for the kinds of projects that we do."

Predictably, Mega Man fans are already wondering why Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 isn't tagged for the Nintendo Switch. The comments left on the trailer for the game are pretty ornery – more so than what's typical for a YouTube video, if you can believe it.

"No Nintendo 3DS support, either?" [Spirals into madness, eats own face]

Now we've veered straight into Stupidtown. No Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo 3DS means no portable Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, period. I enjoyed the Disney Afternoon Collection, but holy moly, I would love to tote around a portable version of the game.

Pipe Mega Man's awful dub voice directly into my ears via my Nintendo 3DS, just do it, DO IT.

I already know Mega Man Legacy Collection is a great fit for the Nintendo 3DS. This is all so very disappointing, especially since the Nintendo 3DS is far from dead despite its age.

Sure, the inclusion of Mega Man 8 (the only CD-based game in the collection) means Legacy Collection 2 will be heftier than its predecessor, but it should still fit comfortably into a 3DS card and / or digital download. How am I supposed to start a new religion based around the bad dubbing in the Mega Man 8 cutscenes if I can't carry the game around in a conveniently Bible-sized device?

"Where's Mega Man X Legacy Collection? Snarl, snarl!"

Don't misunderstand me. I'm glad Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is coming, even though it might never wind up on the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS. I kind of love Mega Man 7 for all its gruesome faults, and I hope more people warm up to this black (blue?) sheep of the series when they re-play the game and discover it's far more charming than its dismal reputation entails.

All that said, I'm super-duper ready for a Mega Man X Legacy Collection. I'd love to see Digital Eclipse or Capcom itself bundle together the X games with some top-notch extras and crisp emulation, even if I honestly plan to just kick Mega Man X6 under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist.

Soon, maybe. Soon.

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #1 Roto13 8 months ago
    Considering Nintendo can't get SNES games working properly on a vanilla 3DS, maybe this was too big an undertaking with a SNES game and a PS1 game.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #2 MetManMas 8 months ago
    My opinions on stuff...

    No Rockman & Forte: Eh, they've got to save something resembling a complete Mega Man game for Mega Man Legacy Collection 3 or 4. You can only make one or two more good Classic compilations (one being Game Boy stuff) before you're grasping for straws and making a compilation with spinoffs like Battle & Chase and Mega Man's Soccer as the headliners. Saving R&F for later, you could at least put it aside the arcade games and Genesis compilation.

    No Switch: Disappointing, but expected. Capcom may be willing to put MonHun on the new portable thing, but it still has little faith in it as a reliable sales outlet for multiplatform releases. Maybe they'll warm up in time.

    No 3DS: I'm more understanding of why this is the case. The 3DS doesn't have native 2D capabilities, so M2 had to pull off some serious witchcraft to get Sega games running on it. And even they had to default to New 3DS to pull off SNES ports like Mega Man 7. This compilation ain't an M2 outlet (as far as I know) or a Digital Eclipse one, and if SNES games are a struggle I'd expect PSone to be even harder.

    No X Collection: I'm sure they'll get to it eventually.

    Anyway, my bigger concern is...

    Probably no Saturn Mega Man 8 again?!: I get why this'll most likely be based on the PlayStation version again (easier to emulate), but the Saturn game had two additional boss fights the PSone game didn't and would be a really neat curio for comparison's sake. They probably won't include it, but I still hope they would.
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  • Avatar for TomMog #3 TomMog 8 months ago
    Agreed on all points, but especially on the lack of MMLC2 on any portable console. My 3DS has pretty much been a all-Mega Man machine since I picked up the first collection.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #4 riderkicker 8 months ago
    @Roto13 Yup, the 3DS screens still can't render a SNES game properly anyway.
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  • Avatar for Mega_Matt #5 Mega_Matt 8 months ago
    I'm just glad Mega Man 9 is getting a new home. I still play it on my Wii hooked up to a PVM. The game only outputs at 480i for some reason so it doesn't look the greatest.
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  • Avatar for Sturat #6 Sturat 8 months ago
    It's great to finally have a physical version of Mega Man 9 & 10! I just pre-ordered it.
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  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior #7 KaiserWarrior 8 months ago
    No R&F is a crime, considering that many fans held it to be the unofficial Mega Man 9 for so long. I'd also place good money on them using the Playstation version of 8, straight up, completely ignoring the cameo bosses and alternate Tengu Man stage theme from the Saturn version.

    Here's hoping they don't screw up the voice sample rate like they did with the old Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2/Gamecube.

    As for an X Legacy Collection? Eh, I think we can do without. The Mega Man X Collection for PS2/Gamecube was all-inclusive (save for the PS2 releases, of course) and was pretty spot-on for conversions, save that I wish they'd included the SNES version of X3 along with the Playstation version that they used.

    I know they'd never do it, but damnit, in my fever dreams I see them using this as an opportunity to re-incorporate all the extras that were SUPPOSED to be in the original X Collection, but got stolen to be used in the Maverick Hunter X series that never actually happened because Capcom, in all their infinite wisdom, put a remake of an SNES game on a portable that nobody bought and then wondered why it didn't sell.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #8 link6616 8 months ago
    Right, a Nadia article requesting sensible things.

    Time to see this power work again like it did with Monster Hunter XX Switch.

    I wish capcom would just hurry up and release the viewtiful joe triple pack HD. (featuring VJ 1,2 and a new game in the series! Or the DS game)
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #9 touchofkiel 8 months ago
    As for the Switch outrage... eh, I don't see the big deal. I'm not necessarily condoning piracy or even equalizing them, but anyone who wanted to play these games on the go probably did so 10 years ago with a hacked PSP. And considering the pricing of SFII on Switch, how would you feel when this possible collection is released at the double the price of its PS4 counterpart?

    And how much of this is Capcom's fault? I suspect these type of retro collections might be a sort of conflict with a future virtual console... particularly since the 3DS (much less the Switch!) can't even properly play SNES games at the moment.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #10 link6616 8 months ago
    @touchofkiel Well, given the Neo geo games, and the Mana collection that recently came out in Japan, Im pretty sure nintendo is not fussed how much a product might be virtual console like.
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  • Avatar for moochan #11 moochan 8 months ago
    I always felt the lack of Nintendo focus is because of some weird thought on Nintendo VC. Like "we already have old games on it so why make a collection for a system that already have the games" At least that's my feeling on it. Still dumb since VC tends to only have a couple of the games and people will be more willing to buy collections than single games. While I'm excited about MH XX (enjoyed 4U over Generations but Generations is still fun) I hope Capcom somehow stop being dumb and actually does right on Switch.
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  • Avatar for LBD_Nytetrayn #12 LBD_Nytetrayn 8 months ago
    @touchofkiel For Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, sure, but I think people are coveting the idea of Mega Man 9 and 10 on the go a bit more, and unless I'm mistaken, those never ran on a PSP?
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  • Avatar for LK4O4 #13 LK4O4 8 months ago
    Honestly, if this collection was just a re-release of Mega Man 9, I'd still buy it. I'll take a copy of Mega Man 9 on every console I own.
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  • Avatar for fstim82 #14 fstim82 8 months ago
    It would be nicer if we could get an all-in-one Mega Man Collection for Switch since it missed out on the first one. Maybe they could include MM+B as a "sorry for the wait". I'm also down for an X collection, but I'd also like to get something a little more all-encompassing. What about the Game Boy MM games, the Xtreme games, Legends, or other spinoffs? Give me a REALLY special collector's deal... *Continues to dream*
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