You Can Watch Hikaru Utada Perform a Pair of Kingdom Hearts Themes in VR Tomorrow for Free

Watch her perform the theme to Kingdom Hearts and end theme for Kingdom Hearts 3.

A VR concert video of singer Hikaru Utada performing the Kingdom Hearts theme will be released tomorrow for free. So if you can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out next week, Sony has a special concert experience that Kingdom Hearts fans who own PS VR should enjoy.

The footage is from Hikaru Utada's "Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018" which she held in Japan on the 20th anniversary of her career. The concert footage was filmed last year on November 7 at the Yokohama Arena. Now the footage that was specially shot in VR will finally be released on the PlayStation 4. What's more it will be completely free until December 24, 2019. So you've got plenty of time to download it.

While it's not the whole concert in VR, it is footage of Hikaru Utada performing two full songs: The Kingdom Hearts 1 theme "Simple and Clean," and the ending theme for Kingdom Hearts 3 "Don't Think Twice."

The director of the concert film, Wataru Takeishi, ran down the technical details of the concert film shoot in a PS Blog post released today. But it's mostly praises for Utada who was able to perform the songs flawlessly while navigating around the complexities of performing for a VR camera.

You can download Hikaru Utada – 'HIkari' & 'Chikai' – VR tomorrow on PS VR for free. Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25. For more on Kingdom Hearts 3 read our interview with Sora voice actor Haley Joel Osment, or our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide for news, trailers, and previews.

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