Hitman 2's Single Release Means "More Varied" Post-Launch Content

The change in release means that there will be more challenges and contracts coming your way.

News by Mike Williams, .

When Hitman 2 was announced, some fans were dismayed that it was going to be a complete release, instead of the episodic model of the first game. All of the game modes players enjoyed in the first game will be back for the sequel though, including Elusive Targets, Contracts, and Challenges. Hitman 2 Executive Producer Markus Friedl explained that the single release will help with post-launch content.

"Hitman is a fully-fledged sequel. We decided to release the main game day-and-date," said Friedl. "What that means is that player can experience the story and main game at their own pace. But what it also means is that we can provide much more varied live content right after launch. It can be more varied from day one because we have the entire buffet of locations available already."

The E3 2018 demo is set in Miami, Florida in the middle of a large race event, but Hitman 2 will launch with a total of six levels, all available to players on day one. More levels will be coming post-launch. Officially release documents have pointed to other region types, including a rainforest, but Friedl declined to answer questions about other locations outside of the demo.

"I can't really elaborate on any of the other locations today other than Miami, but we will visit a lot of interesting places, I can promise you that. Places that you have not seen before in a Hitman game," said Friedl.

Hitman 2 is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 13, 2018.

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