Hitman Contracts The Final Elusive Target of Season One

Hitman Contracts The Final Elusive Target of Season One

IO Interactive wraps up the season with something… entertaining.

IO Interactive announced today the final Elusive Target for Hitman Season One. Elusive Targets are limited-time kills in the game; once they're gone, they're gone. The target is the Entertainer, Mr Giggles, and players can take him out in Marrakesh for the next 10 days, starting on July 14 at 2PM CT.

Completing Elusive Target #26 will earn the Summer Suit with Gloves costume for Agent 47. If you polish your target off with a Silent Assassin rating, you get the Terminus Suit. There are other rewards for completing Elusive Targets, but if you haven't been playing, they're all out of reach.

The announcement that this is the last Elusive Target means that we're finally done with Season One of Hitman. Season Two has no start date yet, but it will be the first season with the newly-independent IO Interactive. Back in March, Hitman creative director Christian Elverdam told USgamer that it was too early to be thinking about the second season.

"It's a little too early to be specific about Season Two. We're very much still ending Season One. We're still learning. Mentally, we're in a really good place. I think the mentality at IO is one of pride and achievement, having shipped the disc. That represented a body of work. I feel like we're building on something that fundamentally worked," Elverdam said.

Since then, IO Interactive has gone independent after Square Enix decided to part ways with the company, Hitman has dropped the episodic business model, and the first tutorial mission of the game was made available for free. It will be interesting to see how IO Interactive handles the next season of Hitman.

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