Hitman: Elusive Target - How to Kill The Congressman

Hitman: Elusive Target - How to Kill The Congressman

How to kill The Congressman in Hitman.

This guide will show players how to eliminate The Congressman, an Elusive Target known as Anthony L. Troutt, in Hitman. This target appears in Sapienza, Italy, and can only be hunted on May 27th, 28th and 29th of 2016. After that he will be gone, and won’t ever return.

For those not familiar, the Elusive Targets in Hitman appear periodically, but only for about 48 hours. That is your window to load the game, kill the target, and escape. If you die or fail the mission for any reason, you don’t get another shot. You have one opportunity to pull this off, and then it’s gone forever. The only exception to this, is that players can Restart or Re-Plan their missions before they kill the target or fail. As soon as the target dies, or you fail, there are no do-overs.

Elusive Target Tips

  • Players can earn the Silent Assassin Assassination Challenge while killing Elusive Targets. You can only kill the target, no bodies can be found, and you cannot be spotted.
  • Be careful when you try to subdue non-targets while going after The Congressman. A glitch will sometimes cause you to snap their neck rather than choke them out.
  • Take your time. These targets aren’t going anywhere (until your 48 hours are up). Watch them for a bit and get an idea of their path before you make your move.
  • Try to hit Mastery Level 20 before you go for an Elusive Target. This opens up your options in terms of what Starting Locations and Smuggled Items you have available.

Elusive Target: The Congressman

If you're following along with our sniper plan, your loadout should be the same as this screenshot.

Based on the trailer, we knew that at some point the Elusive Target would walk in front of the mansion owned by Silvio Caruso. You could briefly see the target walking between the black limousine and the front steps. Because we had a hankering to use a sniper rifle on this guy, we now had a solid plan on how to approach The Congressman. Just be aware, our approach will not earn you the Silent Assassin challenge.

In the Planning section before you launch the mission, set your loadout to look like ours. You can see how we approached the mission in the screenshot, but we’ll list it for you just the same.

  • Smuggled Item: Jaeger 7 (Café Basement)
  • Concealed Weapon: ICA19
  • Suit: Player’s Choice
  • Starting Location: Main Tower Square
  • Gear: Coin and Lockpick
It's wise to subdue and hide this guy before you grab the Jaeger 7 and head back to your sniper nest.

When you spawn in, head down the stairs to the very bottom, and then go through the door to the Café Basement, not the outside. Use your Instinct to ensure the Kitchen Assistant isn’t looking, and then sneak in. If he’s in the room, subdue him and hide the body. Grab the Town Hall Key, as well as the Jaeger 7 that you have stashed. Make sure that it’s the Jaeger 7, and not the Jaeger 7 Lancer. The Jaeger 7 is suppressed, and the Jaeger 7 Lancer is not. This greatly affects your ability to get away cleanly.

Here's a screen of the exact moment we took our shot. We actually brought the wrong gun. Oops.

Head all the way back to the top of the Main Tower Square where you spawned. Use your Instinct to make sure that the guy from the café is not pathing from his smoke break back to the kitchen. When you get to the top, find a nice view of the driveway and wait. The Congressman, Anthony L. Troutt, will walk from the main mansion stairs towards the back of the limousine. From the time you spawn you have about four minutes until you take your shot.

When you’ve taken your shot and The Congressman is dead, drop your Jaeger 7 and head down the stairs to the very bottom. There is a vehicle nearby (just outside the front of the mansion walls) that you can use to escape. If there are guards headed your way from there, exit and head toward the beach to find another escape route. Should things be really bad, sneak into the apartment of the Bohemian and take his disguise. This should help you get past any of the guards, or you can just wait in the apartment until they lose interest in you and wander off.

That will do it for our guide to the Elusive Target. If you followed our advice, how did it work out for you? Did you manage to kill The Congressman with the Jaeger 7?

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