Hitman HD Collection Sees Mixed Reception Due to Price and Minor Improvements

The Hitman faithful community is somewhat unhappy with the collection of two older titles.

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is out today, bringing enhanced versions of Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. IO Interactive promised 4K resolution and 60 fps support, with improved controls for both games. For classic and new Hitman fans, it seemed like a good way to reconnect with one of the series' best games.

The Collection is available today and the community response is less than stellar. Even before loading the game up, many players are balking at the $59.99 price tag, which is actually a few dollars higher in regions like Australia. That price tag includes both games, as there's no way to purchase just Blood Money or Absolution as a standalone title, despite the games downloading separately.

"I thought this was gonna be £30 max, there’s no way I can justify almost double that when I have Hitman 2," wrote Reddit user Scopetactics.

"As much as I like Hitman, I'm amazed they're trying to charge $60 for this. I could see the value if the 'collection' had all the games but I'd pay $20 at most for this," said Resetera user Winter-John.

It doesn't help that the Xbox 360 versions of Blood Money and Absolution are Xbox One X enhanced releases for $19.99 a piece. Fans are also wondering where the PC version of the Enhanced Collection is, given the improvements. In a FAQ released yesterday, IO Interactive said the key focus was "to bring these classic games into the modern age to be playable on current gen consoles". Blood Money and Absolution are already playable in 4K resolution on PCs, though the textures on Blood Money are definitely showing their age and it lacks proper controller support.

Those who have picked up the Collection note that the controls have changed, but not as far as some expected. Players were hoping that IO Interactive had ported the newer control scheme back to both older titles, but that's not the case. There's a new controller layout for both games, but they don't reach some of the controller improvements added to Hitman: Season 1 or Hitman 2.

The new controller layout on PlayStation 4. [Via Reddit]

One YouTuber (video shown above) picked up Hitman HD Enhanced Collection early through the New Zealand PlayStation Store, and they've noted that the controls are similar to the Hitman Trilogy HD on PlayStation 3.

"Watching a stream of this the control layout almost matches the new games on a DualShock now, but for some reason aiming is click-and-hold left stick, and L2 trigger is crouch," said Reddit user Brillica.

"Just downloaded and started playing Blood Money. I thought from the press blurb that they were updating the controls. What I was expecting was the game to control like the recent Hitman games, and they haven't changed it at all," said Resetera user Booker Do It.

All told, the reception to Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is mixed. Some were looking for further improvements, others wanted all of the previous games to be included, and some are simply turning away because of the price tag. It's certainly not hitting the spot in the same way the recent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy or Spyro Reignited Trilogy have, featuring fully remastered classics for a budget $39.99 price tag. You can actually get both of those games together on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for $59.99, making the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection look… as bit rough.

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is available today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Hitman 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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