Hitman: Marrakesh - Bad Blood

Hitman: Marrakesh - Bad Blood

How to complete the Bad Blood opportunity.

This guide will show players how to complete the Bad Blood opportunity, part of A Gilded Cage, the new mission in the Marrakesh location for Hitman.

As far as opportunities go, Bad Blood is one of the more difficult ones. Most of the steps are fairly simple, but getting the military officer disguise can cause some problems if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Today, we’re going to take you through the entire opportunity, one step at a time.

We’re going to assume that you’re spawning into Marrakesh using the Bazaar Entrance, the default location for A Gilded Cage. If you’re spawning in the School Alley, then you can skip the next paragraph, but you’ll miss the opportunity start point. Activate it manually using the in-game menu.

Once you're wearing the officer disguise, other soldiers will salute you as you walk by.

From the Bazaar Entrance, follow the steps to complete the Open Sesame Opportunity, all the way up to the point where you slide down the pipe after knocking out the headmaster. It’s here that you’ll listen in as two soldiers discuss the prisoner that General Reza Zaydan has locked away in the school. When they’re done talking, make sure you track this opportunity by using the in-game menu. When you’re back to moving again, continue the Open Sesame opportunity until you’re in the narrow alley next to the school with the lone guard.

Whether you completed the Open Sesame opportunity, or you spawned one alley beyond the one the lone soldier is patrolling, he has to go. Subdue him or knock him out with a wrench, but snag his uniform and weapon and climb in the window when the guard inside the room isn’t looking. When the coast is clear, subdue him and stuff him in the nearby container.

Your first objective of this opportunity is to find the prisoner’s cell, which is conveniently marked for you as long as you’re tracking Bad Blood. We, however, are going to do things a little backwards, and first get an officer’s disguise.

In the room adjacent to the one you’re in now will be two guards, both of whom can see through your disguise. Pick the lock - or use the key from the headmaster - and then open the door, but don’t let the soldier’s see you. Toss a coin into the room that you’re in now, drawing the guard closest to you to come and investigate. When he does, close the door so you have some privacy, and then subdue him and stuff him in the container. Steal this man’s clothes and you have your officer’s disguise.

Continue Bad Blood by heading for the marker on your screen to find the prisoner’s location. Keep in mind that you need a moment where Zaydan is not close to you to complete a couple of steps, and once you are disguised as the prisoner, you cannot be visibly armed.

Once you're alone, subdue the prisoner and take his disguise before Zaydan returns.

When you arrive, Dismiss the guard on watch in the prisoner’s cell, and then choke out the prisoner in the chair and stuff his body in the cabinet along the wall. This will complete the get a prisoner disguise and sit on the chair objective, completing the Bad Blood opportunity.

Of course, since you’re here you might as well kill General Reza Zaydan, so wait for him to enter the room and follow the prompts to assassinate him. Doing so while disguised as the prisoner is going to get you the Personal Vendetta assassination challenge, plus a cool 5,000 points for your mission mastery.

If you liked Bad Blood, you should also try Bathroom Break and Don’t Use That Tone, both of which are fantastic ways to dispose of Zaydan.

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