Hitman: Marrakesh - Drowning Your Sorrows

Hitman: Marrakesh - Drowning Your Sorrows

How to complete Drowning Your Sorrows.

This guide will show players how to complete the Drowning Your Sorrows assassination challenge, part of A Gilded Cage, the new mission in the Marrakesh location for Hitman.

Throughout our Hitman coverage, we’ve shown you quite a number of ways that you can reach and kill your targets, and we’re going to keep rolling with another fun one today. The Drown Your Sorrows assassination challenge requires you to drown Claus Hugo Strandberg in a toilet, and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

Here's the drink that you'll need to tamper with in order to drown your target.

If you want to start at the Bazaar Entrance, which is the default, then we suggest that you Complete the Prime Time Opportunity to get yourself into position. You’ll also want to bring the Emetic Poison Vial, as well as the Lockpick. These are the two items that you’ll need in order to assassinate Claus Hugo Strandberg by drowning him. If you want to make your life easier, you’ll still need the Emetic Poison Vial and the Lockpick, but you can start undercover in the consulate.

However you decide to gain access to the consulate, you’ll need to make your way to the northeast section of the upper floor. This is just above you and on your left as you walk in the front door. This is where Claus Hugo Strandberg’s personal office is located, as well as a glass that he will occasionally drink from. Gain access to the office using your Lockpick, then tamper with his drink using the Emetic Poison Vial. Of course, if you haven’t unlocked the poison vial, you’ll need to increase your mastery by completing some of the other challenges. We suggest A Room with a Moose, as well as Drama Queen. Both of those line up nicely with the Prime Time opportunity.

This is just a very mean way to take out your target, but challenges must be finished.

The only thing you need to be mindful of while working on the Drowning Your Sorrows challenge in Claus Hugo Strandberg’s office, is that a lone guard tends to hang out there, and Claus himself will sometimes return from his travels throughout the consulate. Watch your map and use your Instinct, but it’s not hard to find a minute alone to get this done.

Once the drink has been poisoned, you want to exit by going into the adjacent office. Keep going through and out the other end, landing you back into the hallway. There’s a restroom a few feet away, and that’s where you’ll want to hide and wait for your target. Climb into the container there and be patient.

From your position in the container, you’ll have a perfect view of where Claus Hugo Strandberg will take a drink if you use your Instinct. Once he does, wait for him to walk to the restroom, and then allow the door to close before you exit. Walk into the stall where your target is throwing up, and then proceed to drown him in his own vomit.

This will complete the Drowning Your Sorrows assassination challenge, but you still need to worry about General Reza Zaydan, and we think you should start with Why We Fight.

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