Hitman: Marrakesh - Open Sesame

Hitman: Marrakesh - Open Sesame

How to complete the Open Sesame opportunity.

This guide will show players how to complete the Open Sesame opportunity in the Marrakesh location in Hitman.

As soon as you spawn into the map, move forward and turn to your left. Slide your way through the crowd until you see a small alcove on the left. Grab the wrench that’s sitting on the ground, then keep moving forward a few feet until you spot a man and woman talking. Their conversation will be about the man’s father, the former headmaster of the school that Reza Zaydan, one of your targets, is currently occupying. There is also talk of a master key, which could certainly come in handy.

This guy doesn't like to chase coins, so he gets a wrench to the head for being difficult.

The first objective of the Open Sesame opportunity is to steal the headmaster’s key. Before the man and woman finish talking, walk into the shop and go directly up the stairs. You’ll spot the headmaster sitting on the roof. We tried to use coins to get him to turn several times, but it was hit or miss on whether he would bite. Line the wrench up with his head and knock him out where he sits. Drag his body to the nearby container and hide it, then grab the master key from the table where he was working.

Your second objective of the Open Sesame opportunity will be to get to the school. This is done by going forward, not back down the stairs. There will be a dead end a few feet from where you KO’d the poor headmaster, and a ledge along the wall that you can climb up to. Do so, then shimmy to the right until you reach a pipe. Slide down that pipe and you’ll find yourself on the ground level, very close to where the school is.

After sliding down the pipe, use Instinct to make sure the guard isn't at the top of the steps.

When you’re facing the school, sneak to your right and down the steps. There will be more steps on your left, and a guard occasionally walks up to the top of them. Make sure he’s looking away as you pass by those steps. Turn left again when you reach the end of the fence, and continue to sneak as you pass two military vehicles. At the front of the second one will be the door to the school. Use the headmaster’s old master key to open the door, completing the Open Sesame opportunity.

If you’re trying to sneak your way into the consulate to assassinate Claus Hugo Strandberg, you’ll want to try the Prime Time opportunity, not the Open Sesame opportunity.

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