Hitman: Marrakesh - Tasteless, Traceless

Hitman: Marrakesh - Tasteless, Traceless

Complete the Tasteless, Traceless challenge.

This guide will show players how to complete the Tasteless, Traceless challenge, part of A Gilded Cage, the new missions in the Marrakesh location for Hitman.

As far as assassinating targets go, this is probably the easiest way that players can kill General Reza Zaydan or Claus Hugo Strandberg. In fact, it might even be the ticket to getting the fastest time you can, allowing you to pull off what is essentially two assassinations at once.

The first step of Tasteless, Traceless is to poison Zaydan's the food at this map location.

While Tasteless, Traceless is actually a feat, not an assassination challenge, it does require you to assassinate a target with lethal poison. It doesn’t specify which target you must kill, but by far the easiest of your two options is Reza Zaydan. There might be easier targets in some of the user created contracts, but our method will stick to the story.

In order to pull this off, you must have at least a level 10 mastery of the Sapienza mission, World of Tomorrow. This is how players can unlock the Lethal Poison Vial, which is mandatory for this challenge. If there is a lethal poison found somewhere else in the Marrakesh location, we’re not currently aware of it. Make sure you have it equipped when you plan your mission.

After poisoning the food, move to this location so you can wake the waiter from his nap.

We’re going to start by having you poison the food that General Reza Zaydan will be eating. To do this, spawn into the level using the Bazaar Entrance, then head south toward the consulate. There is a small plate of food tucked in a shop, just off an alley that’s northeast of the square where the crowd is protesting Claus Hugo Strandberg. Find this plate of food (we’ve shown you a map to help you locate it), then poison it when nobody is looking. That’s part one of completing Tasteless, Traceless.

Next up, head back toward your spawn at the Bazaar Entrance. Head one alley over to the southwest. It’s there that you find a waiter dozing off in a chair, and a radio that’s turned off a few feet away. If you turn the radio on to wake the waiter, and then turn it back off, he will begin his path. He only does this if you wake him, so that’s a must.

The waiter will travel to where you poisoned the food, grabbing it and walking it right into the school, then delivering it to General Reza Zaydan. Once he eats it, he dies. Your involvement with this plan stopped at waking up the waiter. Killing General Reza Zaydan is that easy, although it will take him several minutes to eat the food.

Of course, you still have Claus Hugo Strandberg to deal with while you wait, so we’d suggest that you work on either the Prime Time Opportunity, or the Open Sesame Opportunity. Each of those will split off into some pretty cool assassination challenges, which you can work on while you’re waiting for Tasteless, Traceless to finish up.

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