Hitman: Marrakesh - Unhappy Ending

Hitman: Marrakesh - Unhappy Ending

Complete the Unhappy Ending challenge.

This guide will show players how to complete the Unhappy Ending assassination challenge, part of A Gilded Cage, the new mission in the Marrakesh location for Hitman.

As far as assassination challenges go, Unhappy Ending isn’t exactly difficult, but it’s not easy if you’re starting at the default location and in your suit. Gaining access to the consulate, where you’ll assassinate Claus Hugo Strandberg during a massage while disguised as the masseur, can be challenging.The Prime Time Opportunity, allowing you to walk right in the front door in the cameraman disguise, might seem like a good idea, but it’s not.

Use the wrench to knock out the security officer, then subdue the masseur.

Your best bet to pull off this assassination is to start undercover in the consulate, disguised as the consulate janitor. Of course, you have to unlock this option by completing other challenges and increasing your mastery of the mission. To do this, try completing assassination challenges like Electrified, A Room with a Moose, and Drama Queen. Each of those should get you some serious points and have you well on your way.

As mentioned, start your journey undercover in the consulate, disguised as the consulate janitor. You’ll be on the second floor, and the moment you can move you should stop blending in and head to your left. You’re outside of a large room, and players will want to travel around it in a clockwise direction. As soon as you see some stairs, head down to the first floor and run to the opposite side of the building. You’ll see a man trying to assemble a chair, and a wrench on the ground behind him. Grab the wrench.

To your left when you’re facing the man’s back is a room. Head inside and you’ll find one consulate security officer, the masseur, and possibly a man in a business suit who likes to pop in for a drink and then leave again. Wait until the moment the man leaves the room and then close the door behind him. Throw the wrench at the security officer’s head to knock him out, then sneak behind the Masseur and subdue him. Stuff the masseur in the nearby container, then quickly drag the consulate security officer over and do the same with him. Change into the masseur disguise, and then grab the wrench and security officer’s gun from the ground. You’ll want to drop all of your weapons (fiber wire, lock pick, coins and poison don’t count) behind the desk and out of sight. All of this must be done very quickly to finish before the man in the suit returns.

Killing Claus Hugo Strandberg is almost too easy durning an Unhappy Ending.

The next step of Unhappy Ending is to head to the front reception desk and check in for your appointment with Claus Hugo Strandberg. When the receptionist instructs you to, go up the stairs on the right (while facing the desk), and get frisked by security. This is why you dropped your weapons. As soon as you’re given the all-clear, head up and go through the door in front of you on your right. It’s here that you will be greeted by Claus.

Don’t worry, the consulate security officer will soon leave the room. When he does, give Claus a massage, and when the option presents itself, snap his neck. There is no need to hide his body - to the best of our knowledge nobody will path into this room to find it. Besides, there are no containers to hide it in.

With this, you’ve completed the Unhappy Ending assassination challenge, so why not try killing General Reza Zaydan with the very entertaining Bathroom Break challenge.

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