Hitman: Marrakesh - Why We Fight

Hitman: Marrakesh - Why We Fight

Complete the Why We Fight opportunity.

This guide will show players how to complete the Why We Fight opportunity, part of A Gilded Cage, the new mission in the Marrakesh location for Hitman.

Spawn in at the default location and head to your left, through the crowd. Take your next right and run all the way to the two food carts, turning left down the alley just past them. Run toward the two soldiers guarding the steps, and then examine the print schedule in the alcove on the right just before you reach them. This will begin the Why We Fight opportunity.

This is the best place to find the Local Printing Crew disguise for Why We Fight in Hitman.

Your next step of the opportunity will be to find the propaganda printing crew. If you bring up your map, they are in the north-west corner, in a dead-end alley not far north of the carpet shop. When you arrive, one of the crew members will be tagged with an objective marker, indicating you must get a printing crew disguise.

Backtrack the way you came and take you first left only a few feet away. Take a few more steps and turn left again, opening a door and taking cover on the right side of it. This will keep the door open, and the Crystal Dawn member will be passing by shortly. When he’s close, toss a coin further into the room so he’ll walk in to investigate. As he enters the room, close the door, then subdue him and take his disguise. Stuff his body in the nearby container for good measure.

The Local Printing Crew disguise will let you walk right in the front door of the school.

Head back to the area where the Crystal Dawn members were meeting to talk to the printing crew. The group will agree that they need to re-stock their supply of posters, so follow the printing crew back to the school. The journey will take several minutes, but this will allow you to walk directly into the printing room, putting you face-to-face with your target, Reza Zaydan.

This will complete the Why We Fight opportunity, but from here players are in a perfect position to go forward with the Don’t Use That Tone and Bathroom Break Assassination challenges.

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