Hitman - Not for Human Consumption

Hitman - Not for Human Consumption

Complete the Not for Human Consumption Feat.

This guide will show players how they can complete the Not for Human Consumption Feat in Hitman during the Freeform Training or Guided Training missions. This Feat requires that players poison the drink of their target, Kalvin Ritter, with Rat Poison. Our guide will also help you complete several more of the 13 total Feats that exist in this mission.

While you’re completing the Not for Human Consumption Feat, we’ll also help you to knock several more off your list. These include Store Securely, Join the Crew, Ironic and The Cleaner. There are more you could finish during this run through the mission, but those are the most natural to work on given the situation that players will find themselves in.

Not for Human Consumption

As long as you are in the Yacht Crew disguise, you can mess with Ritter's drink.

From your spawn point, head to the left until you find yourself behind the Mechanic. Subdue this individual, and then take his disguise and board the ship through the cargo hold. There will be three Mechanics there chatting - two facing you and one facing away from you. If you use your Instinct ability, you’ll notice that one Mechanic has a dot over his head. This means he will see through your disguise. Don’t walk in front of him.

Go through the back left door of the cargo hold, just to the left of the stairs that lead to Deck 01 (you’re on Deck 00 right now). In this room you will find the Rat Poison that you need. Picking it up will earn you the Store Securely Feat if you don’t already have it.

Move into the hallway and look for a door on your left. Go through that door and on the chair in the corner will be the Yacht Crew disguise. Change into that, earning yourself the Join the Crew Feat for doing so.

Head back into the hallway and make your way to Deck 02. This will be two levels above your current position. You have to be careful not to bump into Kalvin Ritter, since he knows his crew and can see past your disguise. Use your Instinct to keep tabs on him, then head for the crate that has a single glass of wine on it. This will be at the rear of the yacht. As you approach it, choose the option to Poison, then move to the nearby bar and Blend In. If you don’t do this Kalvin Ritter will see through your disguise.

After he takes a drink you’ll get the Not for Human Consumption Feat, but you can get two more very easily. To do this, follow Kalvin Ritter into the bathroom. When he starts to throw up from the Rat Poison, walk behind him and drown him in the toilet. Doing this will earn you the Ironic Feat. Once your target is dead, drag his body and hide it in the nearby closet, unlocking a Feat called The Cleaner.

While Kalvin Ritter is throwing up, feel free to drown him in the toilet.

Keep in mind that you may need to get off the yacht and press the End Mission button to ensure all of this will count. We’d suggest going out the same way you came in. There shouldn’t be anyone who can spot your disguise along the way.

For more Hitman from USgamer, read our Hitman Walkthrough and Guide. We’ll be covering all of the locations as they unlock, including the Final Test and Showstopper.

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