Hitman - Paris: How to Get the Vampire Magician Disguise

Hitman - Paris: How to Get the Vampire Magician Disguise

Find the Vampire Magician’s disguise in the Attic.

This guide will show players the location of the Vampire Magician disguise in the Hitman video game. This disguise has always been cool, but recently became necessary when IO Interactive introduced several new Challenges for players to complete while wearing it.

There are two primary ways to find this disguise in Hitman. The first is to start at the Main Entrance, working your way up to the third floor where Dalia Margolis hangs out. We outlined this path for you, as well as how you can get there in only Agent 47’s Signature Suit, in our Paris - Silent Assassin, Suit Only guide. The second way is to choose the Attic as your Starting Location, putting you close to the Vampire Magician disguise right off the bat.

If you want to make life easier, start in the Attic with this these settings.

Vampire Magician Disguise Location

Attic Spawn

Gamers can make this easy on themselves by choosing the Attic as their Starting Location, while also using the Smuggled Item feature to stash a weapon or gear item in the Empty Attic Room. You won’t spawn in the Empty Attic Room, but you’ll be close.

When you load into the level, bring up your map and you’ll see it marked with the location of whatever Smuggled Item you placed. The Vampire Magician disguise is actually in the same room, so start heading that way. You’ll have to get by some CICADA Bodyguards, but that’s nothing you aren’t already doing. You will find the Vampire Magician outfit behind a pillar in that very room.

Main Entrance Spawn

Don't forget to grab the IAGO Invitation, and dump your weapons in the trash.

When you load into the level, run into the palace, following the red carpet as it forks to the right and passes behind the stairs. Go through the open door, turning right and going through a closed door. This will put you in a room with two women, and possibly a Security Guard on your right. Turn right again and head into the little hallway, opening the first door on the left. There should be an IAGO Invitation on the counter, and you’ll need to grab that. Oh, and if you have any weapons, drop them into the trash - you won’t be able to take them upstairs using this method.

You'll have to pass by three sets of CICADA Bodyguards to get to the third floor.

Leave the bathroom and head back into the room with the two women chatting. You’ll run right past them and out the door. This will deliver you to a patio with some people socializing. As soon as you hit the patio, turn left and run to the far end, vaulting over the railing and approaching two CICADA Bodyguards that are standing at an entrance. Show them your IAGO Invitation and head inside.

Now that you’re in, take the first door on your right, approaching two more CICADA Bodyguards on the right. Show them your IAGO Invitation and head up to the second floor. As soon as you reach the top, go through the door on your left and approach that last two CICADA Bodyguards. These two will frisk you, so you better have left your guns behind.

We're not really sure what all of the fuss is about, but we're suckers for new Challenges.

When you’re cleared, run up the stairs and turn left, going through the closed door next to the Auction Staff member standing around. There are CICADA Bodyguards in here, but you can sneak past them with ease. As you enter the Attic, just move straight forward, past the two bodyguards and beyond. There will a closed door at the far end of the room, and behind that door is where you’ll find the Vampire Magician disguise. If you have a Smuggled Item in the Empty Attic Room, you can bring up your map to make sure you’re going the right way.

That’s it. You now have the Vampire Magician Disguise, allowing you to complete lots of fun Challenges that IO Interactive added to Hitman. For more Hitman content, be sure to visit USgamer’s Hitman Walkthrough and Guide.

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