Hitman - Paris: Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Hitman - Paris: Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Complete 11 Challenges in The Showstopper.

This guide will show players how to complete the Silent Assassin, Suit Only Challenge during the Paris - The Showstopper mission in the Hitman video game. This is part of the Assassination Challenges, and may prove very difficult for some players to complete. Part of that is because it’s a tough Challenge to begin with, and part is because it’s known to be bugged. Today, we’re going to help you complete it, along with several other Challenges along the way.

Make sure your planning screen mimics ours for this walkthrough of Silent Assassin, Suit Only.

Challenge Requirements

  • Complete The Showstopper.
  • Only kill targets.
  • Hide all bodies.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • Do it all without using disguises.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only

It’s important to note that the suit you need to wear is not the one you’re put in by default. By default, players will be wearing the Tuxedo, but they need to be wearing 47’s Signature Suit. You can change this in the planning portion of the mission. Also, ensure that your starting location is the Main Entrance. This will ensure you don’t end up starting in a disguise. Lastly, your Planning tab should look like ours. Make sure you don’t have a Smuggled Item or Concealed Weapon. Bring only your Fiber Wire and Coins.

When you spawn in at the Main Entrance, walk forward and flip a Coin into the fountain and you’ll earn an easy Discovery Challenge, Careful What You Wish For. Run forward and into the main door of the palace, following the red carpet as it forks and passes to the right of the main staircase. One of your targets, Viktor Novikov, will be coming down the stairs, but you can ignore him for now.

Pass through the open door to the right and behind the staircase. You’ll see another open door that leads to the fashion show, but you’re going to go right again, through a closed door. This room is fairly empty, but it may have a Security Guard to your right, and two women chatting at the far end. If you look to your right, you’ll see a hallway. Enter that hallway, opening the first door on your left and heading into the bathroom. On the counter will be the IAGO Invitation, and picking it up will complete another Discovery Challenge, An Invitation Upstairs. If you brought a Pistol with you, conceal it in the trashcan next to the toilet. You won’t be able to bring it to the auction, and it’s useless for our walkthrough.

Make sure you grab the IAGO Invitation from the bathroom to get into the auction building.

Exit the bathroom and go back into the large room that had the Security Guard and two women who were chatting. Turn to your right, walking past the two women and out onto the patio where a large number of people will be socializing. When you step onto the patio, turn left and go to the far end, vaulting over the railing. You’ll see two men in suits who are CICADA Bodyguards. Approach them and choose Show Invitation. After a moment they will let you enter the building.

Run forward and take the first door on your right, turning to your left immediately. Run to the far end of the room, taking another door that is on your left. This door is open, and you’re not allowed to be in here. As soon as you’re through the door, break line of sight with the guards behind you and shut the very doors you just passed through. This will stop them from spotting you.

There will be another door on the opposite side of the hallway. This one will be closed. Open it and enter the room, snapping into cover behind the diorama. There will be an option to Insert Coin, but you don’t want to do this just yet. You need to wait until Viktor Novikov is walking past the diorama, at which point you will put a Coin into the machine. You will likely have to wait two or three minutes, but you can use your Instinct to keep tabs on his movements.

This is the exact spot that you need to subdue Viktor Novikov's personal CICADA Bodyguard.

The diorama will alter Viktor Novikov’s path, causing him to go out the door to your left. You are going to sneak up behind his personal CICADA Bodyguard just as the bodyguard is about to walk out the door. You will subdue him, not kill him, and then dump his body into the crate right beside you. You can leave the pistol on the ground, as there shouldn’t be anyone else walking by, and even if they do it won’t be for a long time. They won’t tie the presence of the pistol to you.

If you use the Fiber Wire to kill Novikov here, you can drag him out of sight more effectively.

As soon as you dump the bodyguard into the crate (you must do this quickly), use your Instinct to locate Viktor Novikov. After a few seconds he will pass by the door again, and you will exit the room you’re in and walk behind him. You need to ready your Fiber Wire and choose the option to Garrote as soon as he reaches the double doors on the right side of the hall. When he’s dead, drag his body through those very doors and down to the bottom of the stairwell, hiding it in a nearby cabinet. When you kill Viktor Novikov with the Fiber Wire, you should earn the Target Challenge called The Moneyman.

You need to retrace your steps. Go back up the stairs and into the room with the diorama, making sure that nobody is in the hall by watching your map and using your Instinct. Pass through the room with the diorama, crossing the hallway and going back into the room with two sets of CICADA Bodyguards, one pair at each of the two sets of stairs.

You can sneak a weapon past these CICADA Bodyguards, but you don't need to for our walkthrough.

Walk over to the bodyguards on the far side of the room, close to where you entered from the outside a few minutes ago, but opposite of the diorama. They will also need some ID, so choose the option to Show Invitation when it pops up. They will let you pass, at which point you’ll complete the Discovery Challenge called I’m Invited.

You will have to get frisked to access the third floor, so leave your guns at home for this walkthrough.

Move up to the second floor and take the first door on your left. You’ll see two more CICADA Bodyguards at another set of stairs, but these guys don’t need to see your IAGO Invitation, they need to frisk you. If you have anything on you besides Coins and Fiber Wire, such as a pistol, you need to dump it before you allow them to check you. When you’re sure you’re not packing, approach the two CICADA Bodyguards and choose the option to Get Frisked.

Head up to the third floor and turn right, walking past the table in the middle of the room and through the open doors between the two CICADA Bodyguards. They won’t bother you. Head into the doors on your left, directly behind the woman in the dress. When you enter, your seat will be on the right. Move to the front of it and choose to Blend In.

Stay seated until you earn The Mysterious Mr. Reaper for speaking to Dalia at the auction.

The IAGO auction will begin very shortly, and your second target, Dalia Margolis, will enter the room. It should be about this time that you get another Discovery Challenge, IAGO at Work. All you need to do is stay seated and listen to Dalia’s speech, and then let her walk over to you and start a conversation. You’ll tell her that your name is Tobias Reaper, and after she walks away you’ll earn another Discovery Challenge called The Mysterious Mr. Reaper, and a trophy, or achievement, called Meeting the Reaper.

Sneak into Dalia's private bathroom, then wait for her there to kill your second target.

When Dalia walks away, stand up from your seat and exit the auction through the same doors that you entered. Turn right and walk back into the room with the table, going through the closed double doors that have an Auction Staff member standing beside them. As you pass through the doors, instantly turn to your right and you’ll see a railing. Vault over the railing and then shimmy to your left, choosing the option to Vault as soon as you reach the first bathroom window.

You’re now inside the personal bathroom of Dalia Margolis, and this is where you’re going to kill her in a few moments. First, you need to take care of another CICDA Bodyguard. To do this, approach the counter and select the option to turn on the clock radio. Immediately take cover to the left of the double doors, letting the CICADA Bodyguard come to investigate the noise. Sneak behind him and subdue this guy, and then immediately turn off the clock radio to prevent any other CICADA Bodyguards from coming to see what the fuss is about. With the radio off, drag the CICADA Bodyguard and hide him in the cabinet. Return to where you choked him out and grab his Fusil G2 assault rifle, hiding it to the left of the same cabinet.

If you assassinate both of your targets with Fiber Wire, you'll earn the Piano Man Challenge.

Wait in the bathroom, and before too long Dalia Margolis will enter the adjacent room with her personal bodyguard. We suggest that you wait until they start chatting, then open the doors (from the side so that they don’t see you) and toss a coin near where the clock radio is. You need to hide (the cabinet is fine), and when Dalia Margolis enters, exit the cabinet and kill her with your Fiber Wire. This will earn you the Target Challenge called The Mastermind, as well as a Feat Challenge called Piano Man for killing both of your targets with the Fiber Wire. Make sure to hide her body in the cabinet, beside the CICADA Bodyguard.

From here you need to exit the mission, and there are several ways to do this. If you’re brave, you can go back into the room where the IAGO auction is, moving out onto the balcony, vaulting over it and climbing down. You’ll have to sneak, but you could exit using the helicopter to earn the Discovery Challenge called Novikov’s Personal Ride. If you don’t want to risk that, just climb back out of the bathroom the way you came in, and retrace your steps all the way back to the first floor, and then back out the Main Entrance that you started at. None of the guards will question you as you’re leaving.

If you managed to do all of this as we’ve outlined, you should earn the Assassination Challenges called Silent Assassin, and Silent Assassin, Suit Only. By our count you’ve actually unlocked 10 Challenges using our walkthrough, which isn’t bad. It’s actually 11 if you were brave enough to escape using the helicopter.

The problem is, we’ve personally done this no less than a dozen times, and each time we earn Silent Assassin, Suit Only. It shows as completed when we check, but the game later takes it back. To this day we are unable to get this Assassination Challenge to stay completed, even though we’re doing it correctly. If you’ve followed our guide and done it correctly as well, there’s nothing you can do to fix it that we know of. Hopefully, IO Interactive will fix this with a future content update. We wouldn’t worry about it.

We’re big fans of Hitman, so we’ll be working on a plethora of guide content for the Paris section, as well as all future DLC. You can find a collection of all our work on this game by visiting USgamer’s Hitman Walkthrough and Guide.

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