Hitman - Paris: Terminal Velocity

Hitman - Paris: Terminal Velocity

How to throw Dalia onto Viktor’s head.

This guide will show players how to complete the Terminal Velocity Assassination Challenge in Hitman. This is done during the Paris mission, The Showstopper. In order to complete it, players must push Dalia Margolis off the third floor balcony, causing her to land on Viktor Novikov, killing them both. Unlike some of the other Challenges in Hitman, this one seems to have no problems saving.

Challenge Requirements

  • Push Dalia Margolis onto Viktor Novikov

Terminal Velocity

The easiest way to complete this Assassination Challenge is to start Undercover in AV Center. If you don’t have that unlocked, you’ll need to gain access to the second floor of the building, in the area that overlooks the runway where the fashion show is taking place. We’re not going to help you get there, since you likely won’t be attempting this particular Assassination Challenge until you have decent knowledge of the map.

When you spawn in as part of the Tech Crew, take note of two men talking nearby. On the desk will be the Fireworks Remote Detonator. Grab it, and then head to the door that is behind you and on your right. This will lead you to a hallway. Turn right and walk down the hall, turning left through an open door that leads to a large room with one of the Auction Staff inside. Close all the doors to this room, then subdue the Auction Staff member. Stuff him in the cabinet and take his disguise.

Change into the Auction Staff disguise and climb up to the third floor balcony.

Head out onto the balcony of this room and shimmy to your right until you reach a pipe. Climb up the pipe, then to your left. You should now be able to climb onto the third story balcony that is just outside the IAGO auction room. There is a lone guard here, and you’ll want to take care of him.

Thanks for the CICADA Bodyguard suit, but now it's time for us to say good-bye.

Kill the CICADA Bodyguard or subdue him, but dump him over the side of the railing. Actually, the fall will kill him even if you did subdue him, so it doesn’t really matter. There is a Security Guard on the ground level that will find the body, but he won’t bother you. Let him wander around and wonder what happened while you go about your business.

Head to the IAGO auction and let Dalia Margolis start her speech before triggering the fireworks.

When the CICADA Bodyguard is out of the way, step inside the auction room and wait for Diana Burnwood to introduce Dalia Margolis. This is important in making sure she walks out to your balcony, and not one on the other side of the building. Use the Fireworks Remote Detonator to trigger the fireworks. This is what will bring Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov out of the palace and line them up. Dalia Margolis will often stop at the door, but this is because she is waiting for Viktor. Be patient.

Dropping Dalia Margolis on Viktor Novikov's head is one of the best kills in Hitman.

When Dalia moves to the edge of the balcony and looks over, peek at your map and make sure that Viktor is below her. You can also use your Instinct, but they should line up just fine. If you’re close to Dalia, use the option to Push her, and a cut scene will show her falling to her death, landing on Viktor and killing him in the process. It’s one of the coolest Assassination Challenges in Paris, if we’re being honest.

All that’s left to do is for you to get out while you still can. We chose to hop back over the balcony and slide down the pipe, hitting the ground near where Dalia and Viktor’s bodies were. We then ran clockwise around the helicopter, jumping in when nobody was looking. This is risky, but we managed to pull it off, earning the Discovery Challenge, Novikov’s Personal Ride.

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