Hitman - Private Meeting - Mr Norfolk Disguise

Hitman - Private Meeting - Mr Norfolk Disguise

Get the Norfolk disguise to complete Private Meeting.

This guide will help players to complete The Private Meeting Challenge, using the Mr. Norfolk disguise in the Hitman video game. This Challenge, also referred to as a Feat, can help players to breeze through the Guided Training and Freeform Training missions before they proceed to the Final Test. Then it’s on to Paris, where they will have to complete the Showstopper.

Freeform Training includes a total of 13 Feats that players can complete. We won’t be helping you with all of them, as some are quite simple to pull off and will happen naturally as you play. However, if we come across one that easy to knock off while helping you with The Private Meeting we’ll be sure to let you know.

The Private Meeting

When you spawn in there will be a crate in front of you with some Coins on it. Grab all three, then move to your left. You’ll see a barrier that you can hide behind, yet still gives you a good view of the main spot where you can board the yacht. Mr. Norfolk will be hanging out by his car, often kneeled over.

Toss a Coin between the car and the back of the map, but a little closer to the back of the map. As he is coming to investigate, move to the back of the map and throw another one. If you do this correctly, Mr. Norfolk should walk behind the tall barriers at the very back of the level, allowing you to subdue him and steal his disguise. This is the master disguise for this level, allowing you access to all areas of the yacht without having to concern yourself with anyone seeing through it.

This is the best spot to sudue Mr. Norfolk for his disguise.

Now that you have the disguise, board the yacht, feeling free to wander around and explore all of the areas that you had to sneak into before. If you want to take care of some of the easier Feats, head to Deck 00 (the very bottom of the yacht) and grab the Rat Poison to get the Store Securely Feat. You can find a lone guard standing near a generator on the same level, and if you turn that generator off and he comes to see what the fuss is about you’ll earn the Over Here… Feat.

When you’re ready, use Agent 47’s Instinct to locate Kalvin Ritter. He travels with a bodyguard, but this is of no concern to you. Approach your target and talk to him, causing Mr. Ritter to walk towards his office. Follow him inside, completing The Private Meeting Feat. When Kalvin Ritter turns to his PC, take out your Fiber Wire and assassinate him, earning the Classic Hitman Feat. If you then drag his body into the room behind you and stuff it in the closet, you’ll also get a Feat called The Cleaner.

Once you have the disguise, you can easily take out Kalvin Ritter.

With your target down you can head for the exit. You’re headed back to the same area that you started, and nobody will bother you along the way. Just walk back as Mr. Norfolk, and then press the button to end the mission when you arrive. From here you’re welcome to continue on to the Final Test, or you can replay this mission to complete more of the 13 Feats.

For more guides on all of the Challenges and missions in Hitman, spend some time reading the USgamer Hitman Walkthrough and Guide.

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