Hollow Knight's Final DLC, Godmaster, is Out Now

PS4 and Xbox One versions incoming.

Hollow Knight's newest free DLC pack, Godmaster, is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. The new DLC includes new characters, quests, and bosses.

Hollow Knight: Godmaster is the final chapter of Hollow Knight and like the other bits of DLC, the new content is tucked into the game, so you can discover it without going to a separate menu or anything like that.

Team Cherry also announced that Hollow Knight is on sale across all platforms to celebrate the launch of the new DLC. This follows an earlier announcement this week that Hollow Knight will be getting physical releases, not only on the Switch, but for the first time ever on PS4 and Xbox One as well. Digital versions for PS4 and Xbox One will also be coming, but Team Cherry is keeping details secret for now.

Hollow Knight's Godmaster DLC, formerly known as Gods and Glory, will cap off the critically-acclaimed Metroidvania. The genre is going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment along with games like Dead Cells, so if you're interested the sale is a good excuse to check out Hollow Knight right now.

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