Horizon: Zero Dawn is Getting a Complete Edition That Includes the Upcoming Frozen Wilds DLC

Horizon: Zero Dawn is Getting a Complete Edition That Includes the Upcoming Frozen Wilds DLC

Get the complete Horizon: Zero Dawn experience with one convenient package.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting a bundled Complete Edition of the game which will include both the base game and the upcoming DLC, The Frozen Wilds. The collection is set to release on December 6 for the PlayStation 4.

The Complete Edition includes both the original game and the upcoming Frozen Wilds DLC which was announced back at E3 this year. The Frozen Wilds is set to come out on November 7, so if you're willing to wait a month you can get the whole Horizon: Zero Dawn package in one swoop.

The Complete Edition also include other bonus content, including the one's released as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition like the digital Art of Horizon: Zero Dawn art book, the PS4 theme, and DLC character outfits and weapons.

I still haven't gotten a chance to play Horizon: Zero Dawn so I'm actually excited to be able to get the whole game and Frozen Wilds DLC, which will explore the northern region of the game and introduce players to the mysterious fourth tribe.

Our review had some issues with the game, namely that it was a bit bland overall. However, for players who want to form their own opinions the Complete Edition sounds like a good deal for newcomers.

You can get the Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition for $49.99

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