Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Gets a Release Date

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Gets a Release Date

Go north, young lady.

E3 2017 feels like it happened a million years ago, but some of the promises made at the show are coming home to roost. Here's one: The Frozen Wilds expansion revealed for Horizon Zero Dawn has a release date.

Sony announced the expansion's birthday on its official blog earlier today. Seems we can expect Frozen Wilds exactly three months from now on November 7.

"Child, I impart this wisdom unto you: Pack a sweater. I forgot mine, lol."

Aloy heads north in Frozen Wilds, where the unhospitable terrain has bred bigger, nastier machines. Think of it as a good way to train yourself for actual winter weather in the real world. Look at the way driver tear through icy, slushy conditions on the road. If you can dodge that, taking on a literal monster truck in Horizon Zero Dawn should be child's play.

If you pre-order the expansion from the PlayStation Store, you can access a custom avatar.

Sony promises more news about the expansion in the coming weeks. Meantime, you can follow Guerrilla's Twitter for additional news bits.

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