How Destiny "Slopes the Floor into Socialization"

Most of Bungie's upcoming MMO shooter will be playable solo, but endgame content looks like it will require working together.

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Most new MMOs these days allow a significant proportion to be played solo.

You may think this goes somewhat against the very idea of MMOs, but there are players who don't want to have to rely on others and simply prefer to make use of more asynchronous features such as auction houses, or who just wish to chat with their friends without having to actually team up with them. It's important to cater to these players as well as those who enjoy making the best of working as part of a team.

Bungie's upcoming MMO shooter Destiny looks set to follow in this mold -- though as part of an interview with GameInformer, Jason Jones explained that Destiny's endgame content would be much more rewarding and approachable if tackled as part of a group.


"We’re going to give you as many opportunities as we possibly can to expose you to other people, so that hopefully you’re drawn into some social experiences, because those are incredibly powerful and interesting, but we’re not going to force those on you," said Jones. “We describe it in a lot of ways as sloping the floor towards socialization, without putting a requirement on it."

Jones didn't explain specifically what Destiny's endgame activities will be like, but he noted that some of the most intense PvE content at high level would require cooperation between multiple players, but seemed somewhat hesitant to say that high-level players would be obliged to take on challenges as part of a group.

It would be in keeping with most other MMOs, however; even the most solo-friendly titles tend to become more group and raid-centric once you hit the level cap, with progression changing from being about earning XP to gearing up and getting the best equipment. Square Enix's recent Final Fantasy XIV, for example, features a main storyline questline that can be completed mostly solo with the exception of a few mandatory co-op dungeons -- but the finale of the story and endgame content beyond that is all reliant on playing with others. It sounds as if Destiny will be in a somewhat similar situation.

Destiny is out on September 9 next year. Does the news that you'll probably have to play nice with others at high level change your opinion of the game?

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  • Avatar for weevilo #1 weevilo 4 years ago
    Good to hear, though I'm hoping they manage a more interesting iteration on random group events like we've seen in other recent MMOs like Guild Wars 2 which I haven't found to be very enjoyable. So far it I've only seen social versions of a grind where a bunch of players converge on an area and bum rush the event in a chaos of spammed abilities.

    If they use some kind of phasing mechanic like in WoW, where you can randomly group up with players that are in sync with you to effect overall world and story progression changes seems like the most interesting path to take.
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  • Avatar for #2 4 years ago
    Wow, that first paragraph described me perfectly. Nice to see an article remembering those type of gamers.

    Hope this works out. I'm a co-op kind of guy instead of a versus one when I do socialize, (though I'm still about 85% of my time playing solo games) yet I thought Halo went downhill with each sequel to the point I had no interest by the time Reach came around. (Reach around?)

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this though.
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #3 Ohoni 4 years ago
    I'm always hesitant when MMO devs say that the game is soloable, but that hey're really sure that they can convince players to group up by the time they're done. Well I'm sorry, but I don't want to be nudged. I play MMOs mostly solo, and I hate when that works for 9% of the game and then they just say "well, I hope you had fun, because now you're going to need to find four other yahoos if you want to keep playing."

    The only game where I really enjoy playing with others is GW2, because it's opt-in multiplay, you just show up, start doing the same tasks, and you're playing together. You don't have to use /invite unless you actually want to.

    I won't mind if Destiny does that, if they have a lot of big open world experiences where other players can join in on what you're already doing, but I will hate if there's some point where the content just becomes impossible unless you party up beforehand.
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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit #4 Critical_Hit 4 years ago
    @weevilo : I don't think you have to worry about that, as Destiny isn't an MMO. It's a "shared world" shooter, and it's online co-op multiplayer experience is closest to something like Journey. Destiny isn't populated by hundreds of players on a server at any given time; it keeps tracks of several independent games going on and, when it "senses" that 2 or more players in the same area are onto the same content, it may integrate the groups - seamlessly - into the same game. Much like how you'd come across other players in Journey randomly, but there were not thousands of Wanderers going around your game world.

    The kind of content in Destiny will be the same kind of meaningful content you see in a more focused game, like Halo's single player. This makes it sound like it'll just be larger scale and more difficult to accommodate the dynamic multiplayer co-op, and discourage people from tackling it solo/encourage people to embrace the multiplayer.
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