How Epic Made Fortnite Battle Royale so Quickly

How Epic Made Fortnite Battle Royale so Quickly

If it seems like Fortnite Battle Royale appeared overnight, that's because it practically did.

When PUBG started popping up in every headline late last year, it was only a matter of time before another battle royale game rose up to challenge it. It's safe to say PUBG's number-one competitor-nay, threat-is Epic Games' Fortnite Battle Royale. What started as a building / shooting game built around a single-player experience has since become a household name that receives shout-outs from celebrities. And it all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, which is exactly what Epic wanted.

Earlier today, Gamasutra published a Q&A with Fortnite's design lead, Eric Williamson, and its producer, Zack Estep, to talk about how Epic flipped Fortnite from a moderately popular single-player title into one of the hottest games of 2018. The gist: Epic kept its wishlist for Battle Royale as trim as possible while building the mode.

"We wanted to create Battle Royale in a relatively quick timeframe," Williamson tells Gamasutra's Dante Douglas. "One of the things that we intentionally said upfront was that no one's on the team's allowed to say, 'what if.'"

What does that mean, exactly? "[B]ecause our timeline was so short, and we wanted to create a playable version immediately, it wasn't 'hey we could do all these crazy things', it was 'what can we do, and how can we get it done as quickly as possible.'"

If you build it, they will die.

Williamson admits the rush to get Battle Royale out the door resulted in a lot of features and ideas getting cut-for now. "As we continue to update and iterate on the game, we're adding new items, new systems, new consumables, etc," he says. "Those are some of those ideas that we had way back of like, 'hey what if we wanted to do something like that?'"

Throughout the rest of the Q&A, Williamson and Estep talk about fan reception, and how it's been incredible to watch those fans make full use of Battle Royale's building mechanic even though matches tend to only last about 18 minutes. We have our own tips and tricks on how you can build the best, most efficient buildings to keep you safe and help smite your enemies in Fortnite Battle Royale. You'll want to go over it before Fortnite Battle Royale comes to iOS and Android. Unless, of course, you're a dedicated member of team PUBG. If you're currently trying to complete the weekly challenge, you might want to look at our Fortnite Ice Cream Truck Locations guide.

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