How Likely Are You to Buy An Xbox Series X at Launch?

How Likely Are You to Buy An Xbox Series X at Launch?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | The next-generation of consoles is upon us.

Week 1 of E3 is officially in the bag! Just kidding. Sorta. This week, we saw the first big stream full of E3-ish gaming announcements, and it was all centered on third-party developers working with Microsoft on games for Xbox Series X (and other platforms).

The event was a bit of a letdown, mostly because it was built up to be a big showing of next-gen gameplay and barely delivered. Some games definitely looked promising, but mostly, it was just a string of cinematic trailers. For our first look at the Xbox Series X's power, it didn't really sell the next-gen console well.

Here at USgamer, we'll obviously be (mostly) picking up the console, because it's our job to. Some of us will be building PCs, too, to balance the Xbox void in our life. We thought we'd kick the question over to you though: Do you plan on picking up an Xbox Series X at launch? Let us know in the comments!

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