How Many Chapters Are There in the Blair Witch Game?

How Many Chapters Are There in the Blair Witch Game?

Here's how many chapters there are and how long the game takes to complete.

The Blair Witch game tells the story of Ellis, a traumatised soldier and cop in the mid-90s who ventures into the forests of Burkittsville with his dog to find a missing child, but discovers his reality beginning to warp and fracture as he descends further into the woods. But just how long is this tale of madness and affable german shepherds?

How Long is Blair Witch?

End to end, a single playthrough of The Blair Witch is likely to take anything from six to ten hours, depending on your skill level, interest in finding collectibles, and your familiarity with the game. At most, the game should be completed within 12 hours, though there are multiple endings to be experienced depending on your actions within the game.

The game's numerous collectibles can add significant playtime for any completionist. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate

How Many Chapters Are There?

The Blair Witch has seventeen chapters to its story, though there is a vast difference in their respective length, able to last anything from a few minutes to the best part of an hour. It's also worth mentioning that the final chapter is the longest, so those who think "one more chapter before bed" might end up staying later than they think.

This helpful reminder each time you start the game implies the possibility of multiple endings, each one impacted by your actions. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate

Interested in those multiple endings we mentioned? You can find out how to unlock them and what they involve here! Or you can find out the solution to every red tape puzzle in the game by clicking on our guide here.

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