How Much Money Have You Spent on Steam?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | A new tool was discovered this week that allows you to see how much money you've spent on Steam, if you're a masochist or something.

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Earlier this week, our friends at GamesBeat discovered a nifty (or not so nifty) little tool where you can see how much money you've spent on Steam over the years. For some, it's in the thousands; for most, in the hundreds.

So using this handy internal Steam tool (perhaps best used after doing your yearly Steam Summer Sale splurge), let us know: how much money have you spent on Steam?

If you don't already own Bayonetta on Steam, it's a definite highlight of this year's Summer Sale at under $7.
Caty McCarthy Features Editor

$304.32. Honestly, that's not that much. I imagine my PSN account is a lot higher, since I tend to play most games on PS4 because I like sitting on my couch. (I'm a gal of simple tastes, though I have gotten more into PC gaming the past year or so.) This tool also doesn't account for codes we receive, so my Steam library's a lot bigger than this figure may assume. I also don't tend to go crazy with Steam Sales like I used to. So there it is: how much I've spent on Steam.

Mike Williams Reviews Editor

$1,980.86. I'm probably the biggest PC player on the USgamer staff. I have the most up-to-date rig and I'll frequently re-purchase games I've reviewed on other platforms for PC. So, like most everyone I have a huge backlog of nonsense: games I want to play, games I'll never play that folks said were good, games I picked up because it was cheap during a Steam sale. I've spent entirely too much on Steam, even before this was the thing I was doing for a living.

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  • Avatar for Stepout #1 Stepout 4 months ago
    I've spent $2.3k. If I could have all that money back right now... I'd buy the best monitor, gaming chair, and gaming headset it could buy. Video games.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #2 MetManMas 4 months ago
    I've spent nothing because I've never had a good enough computer for most games on Steam. I do have an account though, so I've jumped on a free game every now and then just in case I do buy a good computer of my own someday. Or if Dad can ever get back that laptop of his that he was going to send me...
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #3 SuperShinobi 4 months ago
    $1004... A lot more than I thought. I haven't even owned a gaming PC since 2014. All of my Steam spending is from 2010-2014 when Steam sales were still a new and much-hyped thing. My PSN spend is way more than that though.Edited June 2018 by SuperShinobi
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  • Avatar for tvsadam #4 tvsadam 4 months ago

    Since 2005 though; that's got to count for something.
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #5 Funny_Colour_Blue 4 months ago

    I don't use steam all that much... But I have bought a lot of gifts during steam sales, so I guess that's why it's higher than I expected. I wish they didn't change how you could gift purchases. Buying party games in bulk like CastleCrashes, BattleBlock Theatre, JackBoxParty and GameBoard Simulator made for some really cool party gifts. :(Edited June 2018 by Funny_Colour_Blue
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #6 NiceGuyNeon 4 months ago
    $873.98 which is not bad. I've been PC gaming since 2009 (modern PC I played stuff like Diablo 2 and AoE2 back in the day) so I figured I was pushing at least $2000. but I don't buy anything regular price so maybe I shouldn't be surprised that for over 9 years I've spent about under $100 a year on Steam.

    That aside I still have a massive backlog lmaoEdited June 2018 by NiceGuyNeon
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  • Avatar for Vanderdulpp #7 Vanderdulpp 4 months ago
    $0.00... I think I’ve used steam for TF2 and a few free titles. Playing games on a PC is so not me!!
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  • Avatar for Maxbeedo #8 Maxbeedo 4 months ago
    $74.90. Yeah, still mostly a console gamer myself, although I've played about 1300 hrs in the games I got for this amount (mostly Civ 5).
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  • Avatar for moochan #9 moochan 4 months ago
    $753.53 which slightly over a decade (starting with The Orange Box) comes to just over $75 a year which isn't nearly as bad as I thought. I mostly wait a good few years before playing anything on PC. Since there's no "generation" with regard to PC I never feel the need to buy it new unlike consoles. So Steam sales is where I spend most of my money. But with this knowledge I am curious about GOG. I am trying to buy my games from GOG over Steam when I can (no big games outside of CD Red since they hate the idea of lack of DRM) so I wonder how much money I spent there. I'm sure it's not nearly the amount as Steam but it is something I now would like to know.
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  • Avatar for daverhodus #10 daverhodus 4 months ago
  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn #11 Mikki-Saturn 4 months ago
    $75.10 - which is a little misleading because I have bought several humble bundles, kickstarted some games, etc. But as far as direct purchases through Steam sales, etc, well, I guess there it is. What can I say? I don't really care for the PC gaming experience, but I also don't really like spending too much money on digital files that I don't own. I don't think I've ever bought anything on steam that wasn't 75% or something.
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #12 BulkSlash 4 months ago
    I’ve spent $1,811, but I’ve not really bought much in something like 5 years now as I prefer to game on console. I’d imagine it would be a lot higher if I was still gaming on PC.
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  • Avatar for scottygrayskull #13 scottygrayskull 4 months ago
    Only like $700, even though I've had my account for over a decade. tbh only that first big Steam sale got me, after that it's mostly been various bundle sites.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #14 donkeyintheforest 4 months ago
    $1508.71 in a little over ten years. Its interesting to see the prices paid for each game on the purchase history page. The only AAA game I paid full price for was MGS 5. All the rest were discounted, but a lot of indies/lower tier games I paid the full 14.99 or 19.99 for. About $12 avg per game.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #15 cldmstrsn 4 months ago
    2200 over 10 years. Not bad I would say.
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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #16 SargeSmash 4 months ago
    Only $160.42. Most of that is probably on Steam-exclusive games that I can't get on GOG.

    Start talking about indie bundles several years back, and I'm sure it gets a lot worse than that, though; I'm over 1200 games on Steam right now...
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  • Avatar for Pandalulz #17 Pandalulz 4 months ago
    $2,400ish over 13 years. The problem is that I've only actually played a small fraction of that.
    I've also replicated a lot of that on the PS4 as well because I'm convinced my seven year old PC is going to die any day and I'd rather play on the couch with a controller and without the fuss.Edited June 2018 by Pandalulz
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  • Avatar for Mega_Matt #18 Mega_Matt 4 months ago
    $594. Honestly more than I was expecting. Maybe some day I'll get around to playing all those games I've bought during sales...
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  • Avatar for Mooglepies #19 Mooglepies 4 months ago

    I'll get my coat.
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  • Avatar for funktron #20 funktron 4 months ago
    Just under US$800. That's not too much, but it's more than I'd expected. Roughly 10% of that is DQ11, which I already bought via Steam because there's no way I'm not having that game at launch. :D
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  • Avatar for Keivz #21 Keivz 4 months ago
    770$ over 9.5 years. I’ve played through most of games there so no shame here
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  • Avatar for robertchesley19 #22 robertchesley19 4 months ago
    Only around $500 total. Around 9 years of service.

    I really utilize a lot of Sales and Humble Bundles for most of my Steam games. I'm also not using it for "AAA titles." And let's say maybe about half of that time I wasn't really getting computer games.

    I would say that I've gotten a lot of joy out of that $500. Only very few "rebuys" from 360/PS3 as well. I will be spending around $25 during the summer steam sale. I'm going to get really close to my full Genesis collection on there.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #23 link6616 4 months ago

    Since 2010 or so That's only... 360 dollars a year assuming I spend literally no money on it this year...

    That's only .... a little less than a dollar a day... Which is good right?
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  • Avatar for ronin_cse #24 ronin_cse 4 months ago
    @tvsadam $6k?! Wow ;). How big is your backlog?

    Just under $2.2k for me
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  • Avatar for manny_c44 #25 manny_c44 4 months ago
    $750, which is less than I expected, since I have so many games I have never even started.

    I guess most of them were through humble bundles.
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  • Avatar for SleestakLightning #26 SleestakLightning 4 months ago
    $726.60 since 2012. It was shocking at first, but if you break that down per year it's reasonable. I've yet to purchase a single game for over $20. I think Cuphead may be the only full price purchase I've made from Steam.
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  • Avatar for themblan #27 themblan 4 months ago
    1,328.07 USD
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  • Avatar for tvsadam #28 tvsadam 4 months ago
    @ronin_cse It's not so much a "backlog" anymore as it is an unconquerable mountain that I will die trying to climb
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  • Avatar for Brotoles #29 Brotoles 4 months ago
    $11,746.63 in 13 years

    a "little" more than I thought :-)
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