How Small is the SNES Classic Edition? Is it Smaller Than Litten and Other Cutely Small Objects?

Say hello to my very little friends. We conduct a scientific study to see just how small the SNES Class Edition really is. You won't believe the results! Yes, the SNES Mini is very small!

The SNES Classic Edition is very small. Smol, even. But we want to find out, once and for all, just how small is the SNES Classic Edition?

As someone who cherishes small stuff, I find the SNES Classic's diminutive shell very pleasing. If I had a micro-house—and I wish I did—it'd be the perfect accessory.

Just look at this wee thing. As soon as I cradled the SNES Classic Edition and adopted it as my new child, my eyes misted over with tears. Nothing else on this earth is so tiny, so pure.

Even my smallest cat is a veritable giant next to the SNES Classic. She tried to curl up in the box the unit was shipped in. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't make it work.

I started to wonder if I own anything that's smaller and more beautiful than the SNES Classic. I did a little searching, a little comparing—and, if I am to be honest, a little dusting. Here are the results of my important research.

Is Anything Smaller Than the SNES Classic Edition?

Check Jiji off the list. Kiki's sassy little black cat is light and lithe, but he's still bigger than the SNES Classic. I imagine Jiji is better at clinging to broomsticks, though.

Litten, the fiery feline starter from Pokémon Sun and Moon, is likewise too large. I doubt he'd consider being smaller and cuter than the SNES Classic a badge of honor, anyway. He's a serious kitten.

The Eternal Dragon is bigger than the SNES Classic. Not by much, surprisingly.

Now we're getting somewhere. My little dratini buddy, who's been with me since '98, doesn't take up much space. He and the SNES Classic are officially pals.

Rooty the A&W Root Bear is all but unemployed in the United States, but he lives the good life in Canada. See, right now he has a job sitting on my SNES Classic long enough for me to take a picture. Verdict? He is small.

Well, SNES Classic—you're not hurting for small company. That said, I think most of us strive for soul-mates who mirror ourselves as closely as possible. With that in mind, I have a perfect friend for you.

There you are. Not too big. Not too small. You're great for each other.

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