How to Change Your Appearance in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How to Change Your Appearance in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

You can make changes to your character’s appearance whenever you want to in Breakpoint. Here’s how.

Breakpoint features a fairly robust character customization system. At the start of the game, you’ll have to build a character, selecting a face, hairstyle and will then add details and paints. After this initial section, you can actually make further tweaks to your character, and in this guide we’ll show you how. We’ll detail how to change your character’s appearance while playing Breakpoint, which features you can change, and whether or not you can reset it.

How to Change Your Appearance in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Changing your appearance is pretty easy in Breakpoint. In order to change your appearance, do the following:

  1. Head to the menu by pressing Start/Options.
  2. Scroll right to ‘Customize’.
  3. Here, you will be able to change certain aspects of your character’s appearance.

Which Features Can You Change?

It’s worth noting that once you’ve completed the initial customization tutorial, you will only be able to change certain aspects of your character. This includes Hair & Facial Hair, and Details and Paints. Gender and Face cannot be altered at this stage of the game.

Can You Reset Your Appearance?

After the initial tutorial, you will not be able to change the Face or Gender of your character. This means that you cannot reset an appearance once you’ve selected it. You can have multiple characters on different saves, but for now there is no way to reset a character.

Now that you know everything there is to know about changing your appearance in Breakpoint, why not check out one of our other guides on the game. There’s our detailed breakdown of how weapons work, our look at Bivouacs, and our guide on how saving works.

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