How to Change Your Appearance in Red Dead Online

How to Change Your Appearance in Red Dead Online

Changing your appearance in Red Dead Online doesn't just have to be getting a new haircut. Now you can alter your face whenever you want, and we're here to show you how.

When Red Dead Online first came out, changing your appearance and face after character creation was impossible besides the superficial option of getting a new hat, haircut and ‘stache. Now Rockstar have added it in, players are allowed to alter their avatar’s body as much as they want, with one notable catch.

How Do I Change My Character’s Face and Build?

Those who find themselves unsatisfied with their character’s appearance or feel that all those gun barrels to the face should’ve widened their nose by now can access this option from anywhere on the map, provided they’re already in an online session.

Simply hit left on the D-Pad in order to access the player menu. From there, scroll down to “online options” and select “change appearance”. This should enable you to tweak your character’s appearance as you did in the beginning of the game, and you can do this as much as you like… Provided you have the gold to pay for it.

By going into the player menu, you can edit your appearance at any time. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games

How Much Does Changing My Appearance Cost?

Red Dead Online allows you to change your appearance for free, but only twice: once in initial character creation, once more whenever you want. After that it’ll cost you 10 gold bars each time you want cosmetic surgery, so it’s important to be satisfied with your face after resetting it.

Alternatively, you could check out our guide on how to make gold fast so you can have the freedom to look how you want to look. Or why not check out our guide on finding the best weapons, so you can feel as deadly as you look? And you can always check our Red Dead Online Guides Hub for anything you need when it comes to exploring the West properly.

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