How to Dodge in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

How to Dodge in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

You’ll have to face off against swarms of enemies in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Here’s how to dodge roll.

You’ll come up against a lot of enemy types in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, though the dodge mechanic will work well against all of them. It’s not particularly well explained at first however, and you might find yourself wondering how to dodge roll in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Well, in this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Dodge Guide, we’ll teach you how to dodge attacks from incoming enemies. We’ll also give you some useful tips on when you should use the dodge action in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

How to Dodge in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

While playing through the opening levels of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll face off against huge groups of Raft prisoners, and a bunch of space-creeps courtesy of The Black Order. You’ll need to be constantly attacking, though if you aren’t dodging every now and then you’ll run into some serious trouble pretty quick. To dodge, just press and hold L. This will put you into a blocking stance, after which you can move the left stick to dodge in a certain direction.

When to Dodge in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

So now you know how to dodge in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll want some tips on when you should be using it. We’ve listed some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Dodging Tips below:

  • Use dodge to avoid attacks every now and then. You should never be solely attacking.
  • Dodge AOE attacks from bosses like Mysterio and Doc Octavius.
  • Dodge to collect orbs quickly while in battle, it’s a good way to grab a bit of health while in combat.
  • You will need to dodge roll under certain obstacles such as the lasers in the Raft.

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