How to Dodge Roll in The Division 2

How to Dodge Roll in The Division 2

Some of the controls in The Division 2 aren’t explained particularly well. Here’s how to dodge roll in The Division 2.

The Division 2 is finally here, with certain players being granted early access a few days before launch. What’s becoming apparent is that while The Division 2 features tight gunplay, excellent loot, and some pretty ingenious gadgetry, there is some key gameplay info that’s somewhat glossed over. This includes the dodge roll, a battle technique that is extremely useful for avoiding gunfire and leaping to another piece of cover. In this The Division 2 Dodge Guide, we’ll detail exactly how to pull off a dodge roll. We’ll let you know the controls, and when you’ll likely want to use it.

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How to Dodge Roll in The Division 2

The Division 2 is a cover-based shooter. As such, you’ll be spending most of your time moving between cover, and flanking your enemies. And while running to your next position is all well and good, you’ll be leaving yourself open to gunfire and damage. One way to avoid gunfire while running is to dodge. Doing so is pretty simple, in that you just need to double tap X/A. This will allow you to evade incoming fire, and make the last ditch towards your next piece of cover.

When to Use the Dodge Roll in The Division 2

Now that you know how to pull it off, when should you be using the dodge roll. Well, the main way to use it is to back away from charging enemies. You can also use it to get into cover faster. If you dodge roll just before a sniper fires off their shot, it’s likely to miss.

So there you have it, that’s how you dodge roll in The Division 2. For more on The Division 2, why not check out our Character Customization Guide.

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