How to Dual-Wield in Red Dead Online

How to Dual-Wield in Red Dead Online

We explain how to wield two pistols at once in Red Dead Online.

A true gunslinger should have the best pistols available to them, ideally with one in each hand. However, dual-wielding revolvers isn’t something you’ll start off with in Red Dead Online, so we’re here to tell you how to unlock the option to dual-wield, as well as the pros and cons of such a trick.

How To Dual-Wield In Red Dead Online

Like many things in Red Dead Online, dual-wielding is something you have to unlock via time and effort. You’ll need to be able to purchase a second holster, which will be unlocked once you reach level 25.

Buying a Second Holster

Any holster will do, as it will be automatically equipped to the off-hand position in your inventory, the cheapest and first to unlock being the Horsemanship holster for a reasonable $8.50. You can buy holsters from anywhere by holding down left on the D-Pad to open your catalogue, then flicking to the chapter on weapon accessories.

You can use any holster to dual-wield, but the Horsemanship holster is the first to unlock and cheapest to buy. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games.

Using Your Second Pistol

Of course, you’ll also need a pistol to put in that holster, so make sure you have one equipped before wandering blindly into a gunfight. You can do this through your weapon wheel like with any other gun, selecting which two revolvers you want to have ready at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Dual-Wielding?

Aside from looking very cool, dual-wielding is about prioritising damage and consistent attack over precision and accuracy. Like in the single player, having two pistols equipped at once makes both of them a little less likely to hit, but at the end of the day you’re still unleashing twice the firepower as before. While it’s smarter to use just one pistol when trying to pick off distant targets, two guns can make the difference when fighting large numbers of enemies at close range.

Of course, there’s all manner of other things you could be doing to make sure your adventures across the West go more smoothly. Why not check out our guide to see which online weapons are best, pistols or otherwise, or take a look at our guide on horses to see which steed is the fastest? Our you could head to our Red Dead Guides Hub, where we’ve got all the info you’ll need to be the deadliest outlaw around.

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