How to Earn Skell Credits in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How to Earn Skell Credits in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Skell Credits are your main source of currency in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Here are the best ways to earn them.

Skell Credits are the main currency in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You’ll need them to purchase guns, attachments and vehicles, so making sure you’re caught up on the best ways to earn them is key. That’s why we’ve collected some info on earning Skell Credits in this guide. We’ll outline the best ways to get them, and give some advice on which ones are worth your time. As we spend more time with Breakpoint, we’re sure to find more methods, so check back regularly for updates.

How to Earn Skell Credits in Breakpoint

There are a handful of ways that you can earn Skell Credits in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We’ve listed them below, and will be going into more detail further on in this article.

  1. Collect from dead enemies
  2. Loot Chests
  3. Complete missions
  4. Play Ghost War PvP
  5. Buy with Ghost Coins

Collect Skell Credits From Dead Enemies

You should familiarize yourself with the icon for Skell Credits, as it will display over certain enemies. These enemies will drop Skell Credits when killed. We’ve included a screenshot showing the icon to look for below.

Loot Chests

This one’s a little easier. There are many chests to find in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Some will contain weapons, others cosmetic items and Skell Credits. Just look for crate icons on your map and hunt them down.

Complete Mission Objectives

You’ll earn a good amount of Skell Credits for completing mission objectives. Head to the Objectives Board in the menus to check out your available missions. There will be a certain amount listed under rewards, awarded on completion.

Play Ghost War PvP to Get Skell Credits

Another way to earn Skell Credits is to take part in PvP matches. You’ll earn them based on your performance, making this a lucrative option if you are skilled.

Purchase Them With Ghost Coins

I suppose the easiest way to earn Skell Credits is to buy them. This cannot be done directly, instead you’ll need to purchase Ghost Coins which can in-turn be used to buy Credits. Check out our article on Breakpoint Microtransactions for more info.

What Are Skell Credits Used For?

You can use Skell Credits to purchase items in the Shop. This means that guns, attachments, cosmetic items and vehicles are all up for grabs. This becomes more important in the endgame, once your gear score really starts to factor into which missions you can take on safely. You can spend them in Erewhon, and via the Shop option at Bivouacs.

So What’s the Best Way to Earn Skell Credits?

We recommend tracking down enemies that drop Skell credits. They’re quick to dispatch, and as long as you pick up the Credits, you can escape to fight another day. Some of the main missions are also extremely lucrative, though also be sure to check any side missions you get as they might be great in terms of time spent to complete. If you feel up to the challenge, PvP is a great way to earn Skell Credits also.

That’s everything you should need to start earning Skell Credits. For a look at Weapon Locations, head here. For a look at how Bivouacs work, there’s our Breakpoint Bivouacs Guide.

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