How to Farm XP and Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

How to Farm XP and Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You’ll need to earn a lot of XP to reach level 250 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Here are the fastest ways to level up.

There’s a lot to do in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and you’ll be able to keep levelling up all the way to level 250. Doing so will take a lot of time however, and not every activity in the game will net you XP. You’ll need to know the activities to focus on then, which is exactly the info you’ll find in this guide. We’ll cover the fastest ways to farm XP and level up in DBZ Kakarot.

Here’s How to Level Up Fast

Not every activity in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will grant you XP, so to level up fast you’ll need to focus your efforts. We’ve listed the best ways to earn XP in DBZ Kakarot below:

Fight Enemies

You’ll only earn XP from battles and missions in DBZ Kakarot. This means that your best bet for farming XP is to fly around the open world taking down enemies. We recommend using the boost while flying around to close the gap faster. You’ll also want to make sure your Ki is recharged at all times, so that you can end fights quickly with Special Attacks. Do this by holding down triangle/Y in a fight. You’ll also need Ki in order to fly at high speeds.

Villainous Enemies

While looking for enemies to fight make sure you’re keeping an eye out for Villainous Enemies. They have a red aura around them, making them super easy to spot. If you head into the World Map you can also see if they’re around, as there will be a red energy ball next to locations they are hiding in. These enemies are tough, and will get harder and harder the more of them you fight.You’ll get a very generous amount of XP for defeating them however, making them great ways to level up fast.

XP Bonuses Can be Applied in the Training Community Menu

The Community Board is where you can place Spirit Emblems and boost certain stats. The Training section will apply EXP bonuses, getting more and more substantial as you level it up. To do so, give gifts to the characters on your Training Community Board. This will unlock new bonuses, making each of your fights more worthwhile and profitable. The Training Community Board is unlocked after you meet King Kai a few hours into the game.

Side Missions

If you notice any blue mission markers while flying around make sure you take them on. These are side missions that will often give you XP upon completion. They do vary, but most of them are simple fetch quests that shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

Cook Meals, Especially Full Courses

There are various vendors scattered around the world of DBZ Kakarot that will allow you to cook meals. Chi-Chi is the first you’ll encounter. Be sure to check the stat buffs for each dish as some, especially full-course meals, will add bonuses to XP earning. Eat these dishes before heading out and you’ll earn more XP for each enemy you beat. A great example is the Super Deluxe Meat Course which adds a +45% EXP boost upon eating.

That’s all we have so far on levelling up fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. For more help with the game there’s our guide on the Multiplayer Functionality. Elsewhere there’s also our look at the game’s difficulty options.

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