How to Fast Travel in The Division

How to Fast Travel in The Division

Just in case you’re tired of walking.

This article will explain how players can fast-travel in The Division, cutting down on the amount of time it takes to run from one mission to the next. This method of travel can’t be used in all circumstances, but there are enough fast-travel locations to keep gamers from wasting too much time outside on the cold streets of Manhattan.

The Fast-Travel Locations

The main fast-travel location that players will use is their Base of Operations at the Post Office.

You can’t just fast-travel from one random point to another in The Division. There are certain locations that qualify as fast-travel destinations, such as Safe Houses, completed mission start points, and players in your group. Perhaps the most common fast-travel location you’ll use is the Base of Operations, since you’ll have to return to it often if you hope to perform some upgrades.

Unlocking Fast-Travel Points

Most fast-travel destinations are not unlocked by default. The exception to this rule is if you wish to fast-travel to a player in your group, since you can fast-travel to them as long as they aren’t in their Base of Operations.

If you wish to unlock one of the other fast-travel locations, such as your own Base of Operations, or a Safe House in one of the PvE zones, all you have to do is visit that spot one time. From that point forward, it will give you the option to fast-travel to it from wherever you happen to be on the map.

Using mission start points as fast-travel options is slightly different. You must beat the mission in order to fast-travel to it, so the first time you load it up you’re going to have to walk. We imagine that this is by design, ensuring that players get a proper tour of Manhattan.

Fast-travel won’t work with side missions and encounter start points, since those disappear from your map upon completion. It only works for main missions that you’ve completed at least once. You can, however, beat the system by having a player who has completed one of the main missions fast-travel there, allowing you to use that group member as your own fast-travel destination.

How to Fast-Travel

Fast-travel from one Safe House to another is a quick way to check the stock of each vendor in PvE.

So long as you know you have the fast-travel location you wish to visit unlocked, open your map and move your cursor to its icon. You should then see the option to fast-travel in the top left corner of your screen. Press it, and then confirm and you’re on your way. Just be careful if you’re trying to fast travel to a location that has other way points or players nearby, as the fast-travel option won’t show up unless your cursor is directly on it. You might have to zoom in on your map to make this work.

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