How to Find and Kill Every Legendary Beast in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

How to Find and Kill Every Legendary Beast in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

We show you how to hunt every monster in the galaxy.

There's a pretty broad selection of enemies in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, but between the dime-store stormtroopers and horned slugs are some real monsters. We're here to show you how to find and beat all four legendary beasts.

What are Legendary Beasts?

Legendary beasts in Fallen Order are essentially mini-bosses, each one essentially a more powerful version of an existing enemy type. The game offers an achievement for beating all four, and each one offers a handy amount of experience for overcoming it. Some of them also block off further areas ahead, or obstruct your ability to open nearby chests.

Oggdo Bogdo (Bogano)

The bloated-but-durable Oggdo Bogdo. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

A bigger, stronger version of the frog-like Oggdo, this monster can be found on Bogano and is accessible from a very early point in the game. However, its extreme durability and sudden spike in difficulty makes it challenging for new players, so coming back to it later on is a fair choice for anybody who still feels a little too green.

Oggdo Bogdo is found, appropriately enough, in the Bogdo Sinkholes to the North-East of the Mantis. Look for an area marked by three large holes - Oggy Boggy is down inside them, usually visible to those looking down.

Where to find Oggdo Bogdo. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

When fighting Bogdo, use that initial fall to land a high-damage jump attack on him if at all possible. Otherwise, keep your distance and wait for the opportunity to strike - he doesn't take much damage from normal lightsaber strikes, but eventually he'll eject his tongue as part of an attack. Dodge the tongue, then attack it as much as possible for massive damage. Once it disappears back into his maw, back away and act careful again, especially when it comes to his jump attack.

Rabid Jotaz (Zeffo)

The hulking Rabid Jotaz. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Found inside the Broken Wing on Zeffo, the Rabid Jotaz requires BD-1's overcharge ability to access, wandering around inside a circular arena. Despite another Jotaz waiting outside, it's not too hard to run around it and quickly make your way inside without a fight.

Like Oggdo Bogdo, the Rabid Jotaz can be hit with a jump attack first, though you'll have to be careful not to be seen by him as you creep around for that attack - if he spots you, you can't get that hugely helpful initial strike.

Where to find the Rabid Jotaz. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Once you're fighting him proper, learn to use rolls more than blocks if possible. Despite being slow, the Jotaz has some devastating combo moves that can tear through a player's defence and kill in a couple of hits, even if you're blocking the first one. Stay on his back and attack him in the gaps between his strikes, keeping wary of his wide reach and swinging arms.

Albino Wyyyschokk (Kashyyyk)

The pasty horror of the Albino Wyyyschokk. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

No video game can seem to make it through without including giant spiders, and Fallen Order is certainly no exception. The Albino Wyyyschokk is found in the Imperial Refinery, on the Western side of the Imperial base. Rather than running along the flattened section of wall, look on its left to see a gap in the foliage - the beast is inside there.

Where to find the Albino Wyyyschokk. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Once you're in, you'll encounter the Albino Wyyyschokk, leaping at you and attempting to pin you to the floor. It's probably the easiest boss to beat, but it's still not a cakewalk. Circle around it, avoiding its aggressive attack patterns, and attack the bulbous abdomen behind it for increased damage. You'll also want to keep ready to break free either of its grab attacks or web entanglements, both of which leave you open to massive damage.

Nydak Alpha (Dathomir)

The predatory Nydak Alpha. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

The leader of the deathclaw-like Nydaks is perhaps the easiest beast to find, situated on the right side of the Dathomir temple after a brief bit of wallrunning in the mid-to-late game. The Nydak will attack you - and keep attacking.

Where to find the Nydak Alpha. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Our best advice for this boss is to hang back and get ready to block or dodge at a moment's notice. The Nydak Alpha doesn't have a huge amount of health, but his fast movements, rapid attack patterns and wide, unpredictable swings can shred your defence and catch you unawares easily. Wait back, play defensively, and get your hits in when you can, using Force Slow if you need a second to heal yourself.

Taking a beast down will earn you a lot of XP and get you closer to an achievement. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Now that you've torn your way through the deadliest creatures in the galaxy, why not check out our guide to farming XP quickly in Fallen Order? Or you could go here to see how to make your way through the crashed Venator ship.

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