How to Find Every Sunken Scroll in Splatoon

How to Find Every Sunken Scroll in Splatoon

Find and collect every Sunken Scroll in Splatoon, the new colorful shooter from Nintendo.

As you swim through Splatoon’s paint-filled levels, you’ll need to find the Sunken Scrolls. These collectibles provide back story on the war between the Octarians and the Inklings. Additionally, you can turn these scrolls into Sheldon at Ammo Knights. He’ll then use the scrolls to craft new weapons you can buy.

The first thing you need to do is head into the single-player campaign. To do this, visit Cap’n Cuttlefish in the Inkopolis Plaza. From there you’ll set off on an exciting journey to save the Great Zapfish.

You can easily check on the status of the level’s Sunken Scroll by locating the icon along the bottom of the screen. It will be lit up if you’ve already found the Scroll, allowing you to skip it and move on to the next.

Zone 1

Stage 01 - Octotrooper Hideout

To grab the first Sunken Scroll, make your way to the place with five patrolling Octotroopers. Once they’re taken care of, locate the tallest pillar in this area and swim to the top using paint. At the top, break the orange box and collect the Scroll inside.

Stage 02 - Lair of the Octoballs

While making your way across the mesh walkway, take a look around and spot the tiny platform beneath you. Enter squid form and drop down through the catwalk to land on the platform. Smash open the crate and claim your prize.

Stage 03 - Rise of the Octocopters

Once you reach the second platform of this level, locate the two pillars near the start of the platform. Climb atop the pillar on your left, then spray the other with paint and hop across the gap while in squid form. Swim to the top of the pillar and break open the crate to nab this Sunken Scroll.

Boss Battle - The Mighty Octostomp

You can nab this Sunken Scroll after you take down the mighty Octostomp. Once the battle is over, head to the center of its explosion and grab the Power Eggs and a Zapfish, along with this scroll. Return the Sunken Scroll to Sheldon and he can craft the Custom Splattershot Jr. for 800 Gold.

Zone 2

Stage 04 - Gusher Gauntlet

This Sunken Scroll can be found high atop one of the mesh towers close to the Zapfish. Be careful! There’s an Octotrooper guarding this crate.

Stage 05 - Floating Sponge Garden

To reach this scroll, you’ll need to shrink the sponge and then drop through the mesh grating underneath it. If you aren’t able to shrink the sponge you can also reach the scroll by slowly falling off the side of the platform and guiding your Inkling towards the lower platform where the crate awaits.

Stage 06 - Propeller Lift Playground

Once you reach the first Propeller Lift, stop! Instead of hopping on it and crossing to the next platform, stand aside and shoot the propeller with your paint gun. This will make it rise. Now you need to drop through the hole and grab the Sunken Scroll from the hidden platform below. There’s a Launchpad you can use to get back to the platform above you.

Stage 07 - Spreader Splatfest

On the main platform, spot the two patrolling Octotroopers and then step onto the nearby spreader. Now turn around 180 degrees and look for the hidden area. Grab the scroll after breaking the crate.

Stage 08 - Octoling Invasion

Find the ramp close to the Zapfish and head down it to reach a catwalk. Look behind the ramp to find the scroll waiting for you.

Stage 09 - Unidentified Flying Object

Locate the yellow bridge near the Gusher and take down the Octodiver guarding the area. Once the place is safe, head under the bridge and break open the crate to grab this scroll.

Boss Battle - The Dreaded Octonozzle

Take down the Octonozzle boss, then grab this Sunken Scroll in the aftermath. The scroll can be used by Sheldon to craft the Kelp Splat Charger, which you can purchase for 2,500 Gold.

Zone 3

Stage 10 - Inkrail Skyscape

Once you reach the wall with the three inkrails, hop to the center rail and follow it all the way around the platform to reach a hidden area with this stage’s Sunken Scroll.

Stage 11 - Inkvisible Avenues

Look down and off the side of the platform near the second Launchpad. Fire a blast of ink down to discover an invisible platform. Drop onto it, then grab the scroll beneath the ramp before moving on.

Stage 12 - Flooder Junkyard

Jump to the inkrail to the right of the second platform. This rail will lead you to a hidden area with this stage’s Sunken Scroll.

Stage 13 - Shifting Splatforms

When you come to the shifting blocks on the third platform, turn and follow the narrowest path around to the right. This will lead you to the next Sunken Scroll.

Stage 14 - Octoling Assault

Stop just before you use the Gusher and turn to the right. Follow the narrow path you find to locate a hidden area with a Sunken Scroll.

Stage 15 - Undeniable Flying Object

It’s hard to miss this crate hanging out near one of the checkpoints on the right side of the level. Smash the crate open to find a scroll inside.

Boss Battle - The Rampaging Octowhirl

Take down the Octowhirl, then gather the Power eggs and Sunken Scroll before you pick up the Zapfish. With this scroll Sheldon can now craft the Aerospray MG and the Aerospray RG, which you can purchase once you’ve reached levels 7 and 13.

Zone 4

Stage 16 - Propeller-Lift Fortress

While riding the Propeller Lift over the water, ink the tallest portion of the nearby wall and jump to it. Swim up the wall and then turn around at the top to locate the crate containing this stage’s Sunken Scroll.

Stage 17 - Octosniper Ramparts

Once you’ve taken down all of the Octosnipers, head back to the cargo net and drop through it using your squid form. Below you’ll find a hidden area containing the next collectible.

Stage 18 - Spinning Spreaders

To grab this scroll you’ll need to take out the nearby Octocopters. Once the skies are clear, hop onto the long spreader and ride it over the isolated platform. Ink the side of the platform before jumping to it and swimming up to claim the next scroll.

Stage 19 - Tumbling Splatforms

Right after you drop through the yellow grate, twist around and locate the orange crate tucked into this small opening. Smash the crate and swim up to it to claim this stage’s Sunken Scroll.

Stage 20 - Octoling Uprising

Before you cross the final inkrail to the Zapfish, stop and drop through the nearby ramp using your squid form. This will lead you to a secret area containing an orange crate. Bust the crate open for the next scroll.

Stage 21 - Unwelcome Flying Objects

Take out the Octobomber around the Launchpad, then backtrack across the map to the perimeter corridor. You’ll find another Octobomber, so make short work of him, then grab the crate behind his dead body.

Boss Battle - The Ravenous Octomaw

After you manage to defeat this fierce and dangerous boss, rush forward and nab the Shrunken Scroll and Power eggs before grabbing the Zapfish. This scroll will unlock Sheldon’s ability to craft the New Squiffer, which requires 4,500 Gold to purchase and at least level 11 to equip.

Zone 5

Stage 22 - Splat-Switch Revolution

Transform the blocks near the front of the platform and then take out the invading Octotroopers. Now swim across the blocks to reach the back area and grab this scroll.

Stage 23 - Spongy Observatory

Cross the second checkpoint, then glance over the edge to find a smaller platform. Swim down to it using your paint on the sponges close by. Once you reach the platform you’ll need to smash the usual orange crate to nag the scroll.

Stage 24 - Pinwheel Power Plant

Ink one of the blades on the second pinwheel near the third platform. Now ride the ink until you can jump over to the nearby platform sporting the customary orange crate. Break it to pieces and claim your prize.

Stage 25 - Far-Flung Flooders

You can find this collectible by busting open the crate in the center of a hidden platform in this stage. To reach the platform you’ll need to make your way to the hidden Launchpad on the right-hand platform. Take the Launchpad to the hidden area, then drop down and smash the crate in the center.

Stage 26 - Octoling Onslaught

Take the path past the inkrail to find this crate sitting in the center of the platform. After you smash the crate and grab the Sunken Scroll, an Octoling attacks. Take it out, then continue on your way.

Stage 27 - Unavoidable Flying Object

Locate the dead-end hallway guarded by the Octosniper. Once the enemy is down for the count, move in and swim up the ledge using your ink to nab this collectible.

Boss Battle - Enter the Octobot King

Grab this collectible during the fight with DJ Octavio. Head over to the second propeller lift and ride it to find the final Sunken Scroll of the game. Return to Sheldon at the Ammo Knights and turn it in to craft the Dynamo Roller, which you can purchase for 10,000 Gold when you reach Level 15. It also unlocks the Gold Dynamo Roller, which requires Level 20 and at least 25,000 Gold to buy.

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