How to Get into the Aurora in Subnautica

How to Get into the Aurora in Subnautica

We show you how to safely get into Subnautica's huge spaceship.

Subnautica is, in a sense, all based around the giant spacecraft known as the Aurora. Its crash is what leaves you stranded, you spend most of the game scavenging things that fell from it, and it even functions as the game's main point of reference, the only object visible from any point on the map. However, getting into the Aurora is not easy, as the ship provides numerous hazards and puzzles to any intrepid scavenger.

Warning: the following contains spoilers for the plot of Subnautica.

Why to Go to the Aurora

Everybody understands that, being dangerous, the Aurora must have some pretty good stuff inside it. It's just how video games work. However, the Aurora actually contains the main focus of the game - blueprints for an escape rocket that can get you away safely and effectively complete your playthrough. There's also numerous other pieces of valuable gear and information to be harvested from the wreckage, making entry to this vast derelict a must for any explorer.

The Aurora's bulk is always tantalising, and always challenging. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

What You'll Need to Get Into the Aurora

Being a puzzle in its own right, the Aurora will require numerous pieces of equipment to get into and even more to make the most out of what's inside it. If you want to crack that egg, here's what you'll need:

  • Radiation Suit: The huge amount of radiation generated by the ship means that this costume is mandatory if you want to survive getting close to it. Make sure you have both the head and body piece, as both are necessary to protect you from getting irradiated.
  • Seaglide: While you'll likely have the Seamoth by this point, the Seaglide is still a vital piece of equipment. Even after you get into the Aurora, large sections of the ship are flooded and dark, making the Seaglide's speed boost and built-in flashlight a useful piece of equipment.
  • Knife: Any of Subnautica's few weapons should work here, but the knife is the first and easiest to unlock, and should do fine for defence. Parts of the Aurora are colonised by nasty little critters, and while individually they aren't very dangerous, too many bites can wear down your health bar quite drastically.
  • Laser Cutter: Large sections of the Aurora will be inaccessible without this tool, designed to cut through metal doors.
  • Propulsion Cannon: Subnautica's own Gravity Gun knock-off functions both as a weapon and a tool, clearing many areas of the Aurora you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise.
  • Fire Extinguisher: So much of the ship is on fire that you can see the blaze from the escape pod, and a considerable percentage of the ship's interior will likely be ablaze, including many doorways. There are extinguishers scattered about - potentially enough to clear all paths - but a spare one would not be a bad thing.
  • Handheld Scanner: This one is obvious - there's vital tech in the ship that'll need scanning and logging if you want to make your own. You really shouldn't go anywhere without your scanner, but especially not here.
  • Batteries/Power Cells: This isn't essential, but nearly all the tools you bring with you require power, and some of them burn through it pretty quickly. The last thing you want is to get halfway through the ship, only to be staring at a six-inch steel door and holding a bunch of dead tools.

Aside from these tools, you'll want to bring all the usual food, water and health packs, as the journey to the Aurora alone is quite far and exploring it can take much longer, especially if you're combing the interior for every spare item and scrap of data.

The Propulsion Cannon is one tool out of many that can help navigate the Aurora's innards. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Approaching the Aurora

Once you have your equipment, get into your Seamoth or take the Seaglide towards the Aurora, equipping your Radiation Suit long in advance. You'll want to approach the ship from its left side, hugging the wall as close as possible. There are a few sand sharks in the area and there's a small chance of encountering a deadly leviathan reaper, but staying in the shallow waters close to the ship should ensure you only ever see either from a distance.

Once you're in those shallows, start heading up towards the front of the ship. There are scattered fragments and item boxes all the way along the boat, including the occasional piece of the rare Cyclops submarine, so keep an eye out for those and scan them if you feel you have the chance.

Getting into the Aurora

You're headed to the ship's front, despite the fact that the Aurora technically doesn't have one. The ship's nose - the bow - was destroyed in the crash. That's no problem though, you're going to get in through that opened exterior.

Getting into the Aurora begins with finding this fiery bay on the ship's nose. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Once you get round to the front, you'll see that part of the ship has opened up into a kind of makeshift bay, with a metal section of floor rising out of the water. Get out of your Seamoth and go up the ramp, keeping your distance from the Cave Crawlers if possible. If one gets close, either run away or stab it with your knife.

Once you've got up a certain way, the path will appear to be blocked by fallen metal. However, if you turn to your left, looking out over the bay you came in from, you'll see a broken metal arm extending out. You can actually walk along this, with a second connecting arm linking it back around to the main walkway again.

When your path is obstructed, walk along this broken path out over the water. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Once you're there, you'll see quite a lot of fire up ahead, some of which is in a doorway leading into the Aurora's interior. There's a fire extinguisher on the left in a box, or you could use your own. Make sure to remove the flames entirely - even a small amount can hurt you and spring back into a bigger inferno.

At that point you can move through the doorway, and congratulations! You're inside the Aurora! Keep your knife close and check every corner, and sooner or later you'll have all the technology and treasure you could ever want.

Once you find a fire blocking a doorway, use an extinguisher to remove it and you'll have made it into the ship itself. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Now that you know how to conquer the Aurora, why not check out our guide on building your own Seamoth submarine? Alternatively, check out our full explanation of Subnautica's story and lore over here so you know exactly why the Aurora crashed.

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