How to Get Season Points in Halo Reach

How to Get Season Points in Halo Reach

We break down how to get Season Points and what you can spend them on.

With the release of Halo Reach as part of The Master Chief Collection, we show you how you get Season Points, the quickest way to acquire them, and what you can do with them once you have them.

What Are Season Points?

Season Points are basically an in-game currency that allow you to buy cosmetics for your avatar. They cannot be used to buy anything that actually informs or alters your performance in-game, but you can use them to alter and tweak both your character's armour and (if you're playing Firefight mode) their voice.

How to Get Season Points

Season Points are awarded each time you rank up in multiplayer and Firefight mode. Every time you increase your rank, you gain a Point in the bank. This means that levelling up as fast as possible is the quickest way - and so far, the only way - to amass Season Points. With no current items to increase the amount of EXP generated, the best way to get points is simply to play as well as possible in either mode.

How to Use and Spend Season Points

You can use your Points to buy armour parts and cosmetics as part of the free Season Pass, though you have to buy all the cosmetics of the previous level to get new ones. For example, if you want a nice pair of tier 20 boots, you'll need all the armour that's tier 19 first.

Once you see something you want, simply click on it and choose to "Unlock." That'll burn up a Season Point, and the cosmetic will go to your armoury to be equipped.

Playing the game well is simply the best way to rack up Points. | 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios

Of course, this is all in Halo's present - but why not check out our article on the franchise's past, and its peculiar connection to the payphones of yesterday.

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